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Video guide to No Claim Discount

Watch our video explaining all about your No Claim Discount

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Understanding your No Claim Discount

  • No claim discount (NCD), also known as a No Claim Bonus, is a discount on your car insurance premium that your car insurer may offer as a reward for not having made a claim against your policy.
  • For a customer, the no claim discount is likely to be an important feature of a car insurance policy.
  • In order to benefit from any potential no claim discount, you need to build up a claim-free driving history in your name.

Drivers who have not made a claim against their car insurance, whether they hold a policy with LV= already or are considering switching to LV=, may benefit from our no claim discount.

If you're changing your car insurance provider, you may be able to bring your NCD from your former insurer with you to reduce the overall cost of your premium.

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LV= transcript for video guide to no claims discount

Hello there, I'm Victoria and I'm here to explain some of the finer details concerning No Claim Discount, also known as your NCD. So, first of all, what is No Claim Discount?

No Claim Discount is normally awarded to drivers who haven't made a claim on their car insurance.

The discount reduces your insurance premium, rewarding you for your careful driving. If your NCD was earned in the UK in the last 2 years and you can supply documents such as a letter from your previous insurer or a renewal document then we're happy to help honour your NCD.

Unfortunately we can't offer a No Claim Discount where you've been a named driver on someone else's policy. If you haven't earned any No Claim Discount in your own name because you've been driving a company car, provided you can give us a letter to prove this, we'll give you a No Claim Discount when you come to insure your own car. If you've built up at least four years of No Claim Discount, then you can guarantee your NCD with us.

It's worth noting that if you claim for damage to your windscreen it won't affect your No Claim Discount. We might ask you to provide proof of your no claim discount if you've decided to switch insurer and insure your car with LV=.

Proof of your NCD is normally included in your renewal letter or you can request proof from your insurer directly. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions. We are always happy to help.