Family staycations in the UK 

Planning a holiday close to home? Here are some of the UK's best staycations 

Staycations have always been popular, but we reckon they're growing in popularity...

  • Huge numbers of Brits are thinking of a summer staycations 
  • The UK seaside and countryside have everything you need
  • Why you should check your car before you set off on a long journey 

With coronavirus (COVID-19) changing the way we live, work and travel, holidays might look a little different for a while. Many of us are still looking forward to getting away when we can though - whether it be by the sea or in rural idylls, either way, many of us will be choosing to stay closer to home. 

Great British summer time 

For many, the summer of 2020 didn’t quite go to plan, with 88 per cent of people having to cancel or postpone their holidays as a result of coronavirus and lockdown. Instead of holidays abroad, 48 per cent of people planned trips in the UK instead.

The most popular staycation destination for UK holidaymakers last summer was a seaside holiday (14 per cent), followed by day trips (14 per cent) and trips to the country (12 per cent). 

As hotels across the UK began to reopen, AirBnB hosts got ready to welcome back guests, with chain hotels topping the list of accommodation for summer staycationers. 

We’re staying local more than ever before....

According to VisitEngland research, a whopping 46.4 million holiday trips were taken in England in 2019 – three per cent higher than in 2018.  

Though many of us have already embraced the staycation, LV= GI research found for some of us (20 per cent), 2020 was the first time we've gone on holiday in the UK.  

How to avoid fraud when booking your staycation

Unfortunately, holiday booking fraud is a reality, and something we all need to keep in mind when booking and paying for trips. When it comes to booking staycations, it’s important to remember fraudsters and criminals are still active. There have even been reports of an increase in fake caravan and motorhome listings targeting those planning summer staycations.

Fraud prevention service Cifas has recorded a jump in holidaymakers being contacted by fraudsters pretending to be from travel companies or insurers offering refunds, or to rebook cancelled flights and holidays.

For more tips on how to stay safe and protect yourself from holiday fraud – and to read about specific types of fraud targeting staycationers – check out the government-backed Take Five anti-fraud campaign. 

How to make sure your car’s ready for adventure 

It’s always important to check your car before heading on a long car journey, but it’s particularly important if you haven’t used your car much lately, especially during lockdown. Whether you do it yourself or have a professional take a peek, make sure your car’s roadworthy before you head on your holidays this summer. Once you’ve checked your car engine, it’s a good idea to make a few smaller journeys, just to make sure you’re comfortable on the road before heading out on longer distances

Don’t forget: even when you’re travelling in the UK, you should make sure you have breakdown and travel insurance sorted. If you already have travel insurance, it should  cover you for your UK holiday. If you’re an LV=GI customer with an annual travel insurance policy, your trip will be covered. 

Six things to check before you head off on a long trip

  1. If it’s a while since you’ve driven your car check your car battery. We’d recommend doing this at least a week before you use your car so you can replace it or get it checked at a garage if there is an issue. 
  2. Check your tyre pressure and the condition of  your tyres before you start driving. Don't forget about your spare tyre. Watch out for cuts, grooves, serious wear and make sure your tread is within legal limits. If your tyre pressure is correct, it's safer and you'll get better miles per gallon.
  3. Check your oil levels by using a dipstick and top up your motor oil if it’s looking low. This is especially important if you are setting off on a long journey. You should check your oil levels regularly and if you're having to top up your oil more often than usual, take your car to the garage to get it checked.
  4. Check your lights are all working. You could get pulled over by police if you’ve got a brake light out. Check indicators, reverse lights, brake lights and fog lights and look out for blown bulbs and cracks or dirt on the lenses. To make sure you’re never caught out, keep a spare bulb in your car.
  5. By law, your screen wash must work at all times. Keep it regularly topped up with a good screenwash solution – one that clears dirt from your windscreen and prevents the water from freezing during winter.
  6. Depending on how far you are travelling, we recommend keeping a kit of breakdown essentials in your car. Items such as: 
  • Wheel changing equipment
  • Warning triangle
  • Basic tool kit
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Torch
  • First aid kit
  • Blanket
  • Plastic rain poncho
  • High Vis jacket
  • Water

Looking for staycation inspiration?

Here are some of our favourite UK destinations…

Life’s a beach

Out of seaside stays, city breaks, trips to a small town or a countryside getaway, lots of us like to be beside the seaside, making this type of staycation perennially popular.

Some of our favourite beach stays include Bournemouth, Cornwall and Brighton. With its famous pier that’s open 364 days a year, Brighton is a great year-round destination.

In Cornwall, Newquay is a popular place to stay. So, if you fancy a scenic drive and a quiet, relaxed weekend away on the coast filled with walks, stunning sights and home cooked comfort meals, this is the one for you.

Road-tripping further north? Blackpool’s iconic Pleasure Beach makes a picturesque seaside break.

Brits love a weekend break

The latest statistics from Visit England show short breaks of 1-3 nights account for just over two-thirds of English holidays.

For those wanting to splash out and treat themselves or a loved one, York topped Google’s charts for searches for 'luxury' places to stay, as well as 'romantic' spots in 2018. Looking for a relaxing spa weekend? Nottingham is another popular choice.

Get it on the ‘Gram

In terms of the most Instagrammable holiday, it may come as no surprise that London has more Instagram posts for weekends away than all the other locations added together. London is the staycation where you can up your Instagram game while having a blast.

Heading off somewhere exciting this summer? Don’t forget to check the details of your car insurance and your breakdown insurance. Happy travels! 

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