A close up of a car being filled up with petrol.

Petrol Tank: Filler or Forgetter

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Letting your fuel run low can risk you being stranded but keeping a full tank of petrol can be costly and time consuming. 

  • Keeping your tank at least a quarter full is the best way to prolong the life of your fuel pump
  • Running low on fuel can damage your car
  • Filling up to full will make your car heavier, but this doesn’t always make it less fuel efficient

A full tank can slow your acceleration but running low may lead to you spluttering to a halt. But are you a Fill-up Fanatic – rushing to the nearest petrol station as soon as possible, or a Friend of the Fumes – pushing your tank as far as it can possibly go?

Are you a Fill-up Fanatic or Friend of the Fumes?

Fill-up Fanatic

A typical Fill-up Fanatic will rush to the nearest petrol station the second they see one. Running out of fuel is an unthinkable nightmare, and something these drivers shudder at the very thought of.

Friend of the Fumes

A Friend of the Fumes is the complete opposite. Spare time is much too precious to waste. Whether it’s running errands, driving to work or other life admin, filling up the car just doesn’t come to mind until the warning light flicks on.

What’s the minimum level of petrol I should keep in my tank?  

Keeping your tank at least a quarter full is generally considered the best way to reduce wear and tear to your car’s engine and exhaust pipe. But just because we know the best practice, it doesn’t mean we do it. 

Life is busy and filling up can easily fall by the wayside. Most of us will have been tempted to ignore the dwindling fuel gauge until the warning lights come on. Is it an age thing? Are younger drivers keener to test the boundaries and push their car as far as possible or is it something you just fall into the habit of as a driver?

Whether you're a Fill-up Fanatic or Friend of the Fumes, it’s important you use the right fuel! But if you do accidentally fill your car with the wrong fuel, we'll pay to drain and flush your fuel tank, as well as cover the damage to the car's engine*

*If you accidentally use E10 rather than E5, there’s no need to drain the tank, just fill up with E5 next time.


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