Are you part of the UK's second car surge?

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The UK is experiencing a second-car surge and our research shows that work and family needs are behind the trend

From longer commutes and spending more time on the road for work, through to the school run and an increase in parents taking children to and from new hobbies, the second car is proving a saviour for many working families across the UK.

However, the second car is often the unsung hero of family life. In fact, people are less likely to like their second car or treat it to glamorous road trips. 

That's why we're standing up for second cars. We want to celebrate the often neglected second car, and give it the praise and attention it deserves. And don't forget, if you do own two or more cars you could save a bundle with our multi car insurance. 

Got more than one car in the drive? You're not on your own...  

We spoke to three people about why they love their second car: 


Anna, a 37 year old mother of two, owns a Vauxhall Astra which acts as the second car in her household. The car has been with Anna for more than two years - before this, the family were struggling to juggle everything with just one car. They'd been limited in their ability to manage jobs and their children's activities – if someone was using the car, the other was stuck at home, and they had no flexibility with childcare arrangements.

"Life with two small children is busy at the best of times, so having the second car has been invaluable," says Anna. 

"I no longer have to be in two places at once. Not only that – it's much more fun to drive than our family car. It's also given me my life back outside of being a mum. I can go away for weekends to visit friends for a nice break!"   


62 year old Martin's second car is a 1994 Mercedes SL280 convertible, a sports car look and feel with an electric roof. Martin has had the car for about five years and describes it as a 'little bit of retro luxury.'

Martin loves taking the car out for planned road trips and has travelled all over the UK. He recently drove to Scotland with his wife for a walking holiday, with various overnight stays along the way.

"I love retro cars and my second car is just that! I enjoy driving it to beautiful locations but what I relish the most is spending time in my garage tweaking and cleaning it. It gives me sense of pride to know I've restored it for future generations to come," says Martin.

"Some things just put a smile on your face whatever the value and this does it for me."


Maureen is 80 years old and lives with her husband in Surrey. Her second car is a KIA, which her son bought for her around four years ago.

Maureen uses her second car to lead an active lifestyle into her retirement. Having a second car means Maureen can go shopping, to table tennis and Pilates at any time that suits her. Before having her second car, Maureen was much more limited in the day to day activities she could do.

"My second car gives me the independence to be able to do what I want to do," says Maureen.

"My husband drives our main car, so having a smaller car to take me to and from my various activities has been priceless. It has been so good to me, and I have confidence that it will never let me down."