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Making a windscreen claim

Cracked your windscreen? Don't worry, making a claim couldn't be easier

3 minutes

    Making a windscreen or glass claim?

    Contact Autoglass directly if you only need to claim for windscreen or glass damage on your car. You don't need to contact us at all.


    • Autoglass® is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Their service is rated highly - check out the latest customer reviews here
    • You will pay an excess if you need to repair or replace your windscreen or glass
    • Autoglass® tells you how much your excess is and can take payment securely over the phone or online

    If you're driving your car abroad and need to make a windscreen or glass claim, contact Autoglass® and speak to a member of their international service team.

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    Windscreen hints and tips

    LV='s guide to looking after your windscreen and glass to prevent damage.

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