How do I fit snow chains to my car tyres?

2 minutes

It can be challenging to drive when there's ice and snow on the road. One option is to fit winter tyres to your car.

But in extreme conditions, with thick snow on the roads, you may need to use snow chains.

  • Follow our six easy steps to fitting snow chains to your car tyres
  • Remember to check your car manufacturer's fitting instructions
  • Always remove snow chains as soon as you're off the snow and back on tarmac

A guide to fitting snow chains to your car tyres

  1. Check the snow chains are compatible with your car and tyres, and then work out whether the car is front or rear-wheel drive.
  2. Pass the chain around the back of the first driven wheel and lift the plastic hoop to the top of the wheel. Connect the hoop together.
  3. Pass all of the remaining chain to the front of the tyre and connect the loose chain into its designated housing.
  4. Most chains use a non-returning ratchet solution for creating tension. Tighten the chain and pass the remaining chain end through designated catches or loopholes.
  5. Repeat these steps with the second driven wheel.
  6. Drive a few yards and check the tension is correct on both tyres. Add more tension to the system if necessary and drive away carefully

For more information about winter tyres, read the LV= ultimate tyre guide and make sure you've got your car insurance and breakdown cover sorted for the cold weather.