Zap-Map route planner

Plan your electric vehicle journey in a flash with Zap-Map route planner

If you drive a pure electric vehicle, you’ll know it can be important to suss out your journey before you set off – especially if you’ve got a lot of miles to cover. That’s where Zap-Map comes in sooo handy. 

Zap-Map is a smart route planner that shows you all of the charging points in the UK. It's so smart it will tell you if a charge point is in use or not working, so you can plan your trip knowing you’ll be able to plug in along the way should you need to. 

You can also use Zap-Map’s helpful filters to identify the right charging point for your vehicle or circumstance. Search for different connector types, networks and locations – even find free-to-use charging points in a couple of taps (or should that be Zaps?). Get started below.