Myth busting Electric car Insurance 

Episode five: The McGlynns calculate the cost of running their Nissan Leaf for a week 

Check out episode five of our video series  

Electric Car Myth Busters

More expensive to run than traditional cars? The McGlynns challenge another electric car myth

Many people think it's too expensive to run an electric car, especially when it's in constant use!

So this week, we challenged the McGlynns to use their Nissan Leaf for their regular journeys –  including the school run, gymnastics, and swimming!  

Check out what happened in our latest episode, below and find out if there was any truth behind the myth.

Following the launch of the market’s first car insurance product developed solely for electric cars, research from LV= General Insurance (LV=GI), one of the UK’s largest car insurers, exposes the unfounded reasons people are hesitant about making the move to a fully electric car.

Pricey to run? The McGlynns test another electric car myth!

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