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The LV= car name generator

3 cars coming out of a large LV= green heart

Using data from our recent research, we've collated a list of some of the nation's favourite second car names. Use our generator tool to find out what nickname would suit your trusty set of wheels.

To support the launch of our new multi car insurance product, we asked UK drivers about the special connection they have with their second car. And, as it turns out, many drivers have named their favourite motor.

When it comes to car names, the British public is as creative as ever, coming up with Patti The Pathfinder, Disco Wagon and The Green Munchkin.

But we appreciate that a name might not spring to mind when you look your car in the headlights - so to help you out, we created the LV= car name generator. Just click the button below to discover what yours would be.

A busy household often needs more than one car

So why have so many people named their second car? With over 28% of UK households owning more than one car, let's start with the multi-car trend.

An average household could have multiple commutes to make every day, children to pick up from school, chores to run and road trips to take.

To tackle these tasks, many families, couples and housemates will have a main and a second car to get everything ticked off the chore list. According to our research, over two-thirds (66.5%) of people with two cars categorise them into a 'main' car and a 'second' car.

In recognition of the growing trend, insurance providers have created multi-car insurance products.

How does multi-car insurance work?

When it comes to what your covered for, there is little practical difference between a standard car insurance policy and a multi-car insurance policy - the policy can just have more cars on it.

More cars mean more drivers as well - on an LV= multi car insurance policy, for example, you can have up to six drivers per car, and up to 12 drivers on one policy.

Insurers will also usually give customers a discount for every extra car they add to their multi-car policy, so, though you can have more than one car insurance policy, it actually makes more sense to insure yourself on different cars using the same policy.

What drivers are using their second car for

Our research found that shopping is the major task for multi-car households, with 68% of people with two or more cars using their main car to shop, while 51% use their second car.

One second car owner clearly wanted to celebrate this, naming their car Shopping Trolley.

For longer drives, there is a clear preference: 60% of drivers use their main car to take long journeys, compared to just 20% of drivers using their second car.

Of course, we are yet to mention that a significant portion of second car owners are enthusiasts - those motorists who have another car as a passion project. According to the LV= research, 6% of second car owners spent over £10,000 on it in 2017.

Who is driving the household's second car?

Many couples are sharing their cars with their partner, with 62% of those with access to more than one car saying their second car is usually driven by their partner - including, presumably, the spouse who named their second car 'Wife's Car'.

Interestingly, there's a gender divide when it comes to choosing the second car's name. Men usually admit that it's their partner who names their second car, while women are more likely to choose the car's name than their partner.

Why are people giving their car a name?

Before you hop in the driving seat next, why not take a glance at your car's front end: do you see a face?

According to a study co-authored by a Florida State University researcher, people do see cars as having a personality. The participants were showed images of cars, and asked a series of questions. A third (32.5%) saw a human face in at least 90% of the cars they were shown.

It's not difficult to imagine that the owners of Winston, Rocko and Sally know exactly what personality their car has - and named it accordingly.

Even if you don't name your car, you are more than likely to have a connection to it. And it makes sense - it's there when you need it, it takes you to the places you want to go and it is a place you spend a lot of your time. So why not call your car something fun with our name generator?