Insurance FAQs

What quality do my images need to be for motor claim photo upload?

To help us more accurately assess your motor claim, your images should clearly show the information that your claims handler has requested; for example, if we've asked for close up images of the vehicle damage, then the vehicle damage needs to be in focus so that we can clearly see it.

Our step by step motor photo or file upload portal will guide you through what we're looking for and provide examples.

There are certain restrictions on what photo or file types and size we can support through motor photo upload:

  • Files must be no greater than 20MB
  • When we ask for a photo or file, we can support the following file types: .jpeg, .jpg, .png,.doc, .docm, .docz, .html, .msg, .pdf, .rtx, .word, .xls, .xlsm, .xlsx, .csv, .tff, .tiff