Top tips for looking after your windscreen

...and how to save money in the long run

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In the colder months, your windscreen some extra TLC. So, what can you do to make sure yours stays in good condition?

  • Frozen windscreen? Avoid the temptation to use everyday items, such as a credit card, to shift the ice - you could end up damaging the glass
  • Check your wipers regularly to make sure they're in good condition and are not damaging your windscreen
  • If you spot a chip, get it repaired as soon as possible to save time, money and environmental impact in the long run

Your windscreen needs some extra TLC in the colder months - it'll save you money in the long run!

How to de-ice your windscreen

Imagine it's a chilly winter morning. You're running late for work and you've just glanced out of the bedroom window to see your car windscreen is encrusted with twinkling, icy frost.

The temptation is to pour boiling water from the kettle on the ice to clear your windscreen. This is never a good idea - the rapid temperature change could crack the glass.

Instead, you can choose to use just a scraper or spray-on de-icer. Leave the de-icer for a few seconds after spraying it on, to let the chemicals get to work. Then, clear the melting ice with a scraper.

Don't use a credit card, as the sharp edges could scratch or damage your windscreen.

If you follow our advice, you'll clear your windscreen in no time and keep it in tip-top condition.

How to maintain your windscreen wipers

Avoid damaging your windscreen glass by looking after your windscreen wipers.

Check your wipers regularly to make sure they're in good condition. The rubber should be soft and flexible. Clear away any bits of plants trapped under the blades and look out for small pebbles.

Cold weather can also damage your windscreen wipers by cracking the rubber - lift your wiper blades up if it's likely there'll be frost in the morning.

If your windscreen wipers smear when you turn them on, consider replacing them as soon as possible.

Windscreen repairs VS windscreen replacement

  • Repairing a windscreen instead of replacing a windscreen avoids 44kg of additional Co2
  • Repairing a chipped windscreen instead of repacing it, reduces the climate impact by 70%
  • In the past year, 82,849 Windscreens were recycled. That's 1002 tonnes of landfill avoided

Deal with chipped or cracked windscreens quickly

Did you know that driving with a windscreen chip or crack could be an offence under the Road Traffic Act? Large scratches or chips (anything over 40mm in size - or 10mm if it's in the driver's direct line of vision) could also mean your car fails its next MOT. 

Check your windscreen for chips or cracks regularly. Every time you clean your car, give your windscreen the once over, inside and out. If you do spot a chip, get it repaired sooner rather than later. Time is of the essence when it comes to windscreens - repairing a windscreen is a lot less time, money and environmental impact than replacing a whole windscreen.

What should I do about a chipped windscreen?

We know it can be tempting to ignore a chip on your windscreen and may seem like a waste of money to repair it when you can barely even see it. However, the longer you leave a chip, the more likely it is to crack, and a full windscreen replacement will cost you much more in the long run. That’s why it’s really important you take care of any chips as soon as they occur.

How long does it take to repair a chipped windscreen?

Getting a chip repaired has never been easier. Chip repairs can be completed within 25 minutes and can even be done at your home address. A windscreen replacement on the other hand could take up to three hours. To save yourself time and money - take action and book a repair appointment as soon as you can.

Does car insurance cover chipped windscreens?

We know booking your car in for repair is never fun but luckily for you, LV= car insurance has you covered. Getting a chip repaired won’t impact your no claim discount and with an average repair excess of £20 (compared to a £95 windscreen replacement), you’ll be saving yourself a lot of money and hassle by getting chips repaired quickly.

It's also worth remembering that a chip repair is much better for the environment because windscreen replacements lead to glass waste and sometimes require international shipping. So, if you can help save money, time and even the environment by repairing a chip, it’s a win-win for everyone!

If you have a chipped windscreen, make sure you book an appointment for repair today.