Does your star sign affect the way you drive? Let's take a look...

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Whether you’re a speed-loving Aries or a calm and cautious Cancer, our astrology expert, Sally, has explored the driving personality traits associated with every zodiac sign...

  • Need for speed when driving? You sound like a Scorpio to us!
  • Leos love the flashiest car on the market… it’s all about turning heads
  • Aquarius’ love an EV as they have high ethical standards…

Are you a star sign fanatic? Well, you’re certainly not alone, according to a survey conducted by Barclays, 32% of Brits check their horoscope at least once a month. So, if you are obsessed with astrology this is the article for you.

Have you ever wondered if your star sign affects the way you drive? Well, we've teamed up with astrology expert Sally Kirkman to tell you exactly that! 

Your star sign is Aries

Aries is the star sign linked to speed. Therefore, your driving style is fast and hard - the archetypal ‘boy or girl racer’ of the zodiac. You’re the person who’s most likely to get over-heated and indulge in road rage if you encounter other people driving badly, most definitely resulting in a speeding ticket. 

Favourite car: Naturally it’s a speedy one, Aries love a Red Ferrari 

Your star sign is Taurus

As a Taurus, you require comfort in the car. You’re a slow and steady driver who’s in no rush to get from A to B. You’ll have the radio switched on to your favourite music channel as you cruise through the countryside with plenty of snacks to keep you going.

Favourite car: You’d opt for something with a little more space like an SUV or Mercedes-Benz

Your star sign is Gemini

Gemini is the messenger of the zodiac and you’re often nipping out in the car running errands and chauffeuring family around. If you’re driving with other people in the car, keep your eye on the road as you can be easily distracted. It is best to keep your mobile phone switched off when driving so you aren’t tempted to look at it - not to mention it is also illegal. 

Favourite car: A good little runner, it’s the Mini Cooper

Your star sign is Cancer

As a Cancer, you have a reputation for being cautious and protective so you’re unlikely to take any risks when you’re out on the road. It’s important you feel safe and secure when you’re driving. You may prefer to avoid driving at rush hour or taking the car out after dark.

Favourite car: You love a safe bet, such as a Family Saloon Car

Your star sign is Leo

Leo likes to have the best of the best and the car you own must make a statement. It’s not so much the speed you drive at that matters but ensuring you get noticed and other people envy your good or expensive taste. Parking on double yellow lines rarely phases you but still don’t be tempted to!

Favourite car: A flashy convertible - preferably in gold!

Your star sign is Virgo

Efficiency is Virgo’s middle name so you’ll want a car that’s cost-effective and you will always check out the best route to take before you set off. You like to keep a close eye on your sat-nav and will never break the speed limit or be an inconsiderate driver.

Favourite car: A safe, medium-sized car such as a Ford Focus or a Vauxhall Astra.

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Your star sign is Libra

As a Libra, you’re not always the most natural driver as you can be indecisive. Therefore, it’s important to engage your senses when you’re driving and feel connected to your body. Keeping the interior of your car clean and sweet-smelling will help restore calm and balance.

Favourite car: A smaller car built for the city such as a Toyota Aygo or a Kia Picanto is your go-to.

Your star sign is Scorpio

Like Aries, you often have a need for speed when you’re driving. However, you need to be wary that you don’t let power go to your head and remember you’re not the only person on the road. You may prefer to be on your own in the car so you can lose yourself in deep thought.

Favourite car: A black SUV with tinted windows, obviously

Your star sign is Sagittarius

Life is a journey for Sagittarius, and you often love the thrill of the open road. A long car journey equals freedom and an opportunity to visit new places and have new experiences. Your generous spirit means you’ll often be the car that stops to let cars in and give way to other drivers. 

Favourite car: A Jeep or Pick-up truck is your perfect drive, helping you to explore and pick up souvenirs along the way.

Your star sign is Aquarius

You may prefer to take public transport rather than drive, especially if you live in a city. Whatever your choice of vehicle, it needs to meet your ethical high standards. Car-sharing was made for you as you’re one of the social star signs and it’s good for the environment too - win-win.

Favourite car: A hybrid like the Toyota Prius or an electric car like the Tesla Model 3, highlighting your eco-credentials!

Your star sign is Capricorn

Status and tradition are key Capricorn characteristics and when you’re driving, you’ll do so responsibly. You like to be the one who’s in charge, in control and you don’t take kindly to back-seat drivers. You always work out your ETA in advance.

Favourite car: Audi or BMW, getting you from A to B in a timely manner.

Your star sign is Pisces

You’re one of life’s dreamers and not usually that savvy with new technologies. Therefore, you may prefer a car that feels as if it’s driving you rather than the other way around. Prioritise easy car journeys, play soothing music and opt for an automatic drive.

Favourite car: A car fit for a movie star like a Jaguar or Aston Martin 

So, there you have it, some explanation as to why you’re prone to road rage or love to carefully plan out the most efficient route possible, plus, some food for thought if you’re considering a new car. 

Whatever car you decide to drive, be sure to check that your car insurance is fully up to date with us.