Squirrels and supercars: incredible real-life insurance claims

The most fascinating claims from the LV= archives 

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Here at LV=, we've received some unusual insurance claims in our time, from exploding ovens in illicit labs to crooks claiming after being raided by the police.

Naturally, both claims were rejected - but we've upheld some other pretty interesting ones over the years. Here are three from the LV= archives that certainly raise an eyebrow.

  • A supercharged, wheel-spinning demolition
  • A rodent desperate to get behind the wheel
  • His cousin abroad who just wanted a bite to eat

We asked underwriters who work on the LV= home insurancecar insurance and travel insurance products for the most unusual claims they had received. The stories we uncovered reveal, if anything, that one particular wildlife critter can be a real nuisance, and there's more evidence that safe driving is the way forward.

Fluffy tail, sticky fingers

Our claims manager recalls an incident involving some woods, some trees and a tree dweller.

'A customer was playing golf and had his car keys in his golf bag,' she says. 'A squirrel jumped out of the trees nearby and into the bag, coming out with the keys!
'I believe the claim went to indemnity for review, but it was paid.'

Squirrels may seem sweet and innocent, but studies have actually revealed that they have a tendency to steal - especially from each other.

Have you ever noticed how nervy squirrels are when burying their nuts? That's because they know a pair of eyes could be watching from the treetops, as another squirrel waits to steal their dinner.

In fact, a 2009 study by the University of Exeter discovered that squirrels quickly learn to steal from each other in order to survive.

Watch out for squirrels!

A front porch for a pit stop

One of our general insurance household underwriters recalls a claim they received, which even made the news.

'One of our customers' houses was hit by a McLaren supercar, causing around £120k of damage to the home, The £143,000 car left the road at speed, went through the customer's hedge and fence, and hit a utility pole in mid-air, causing the pole to break in half, with one section of the pole smashing into the property'.

'The car then crashed into the dining room window before spinning round, destroying the porch and then catching fire! Thankfully, the driver and passenger escaped with just minor injuries, and no one in the house was hurt. It even made BBC News.

'Of course, we weren't insuring the car that hit the house - just the house. We were able to uphold the claim.'

The destroyed McLaren supercar

Holey holiday clothes

Unbelievably, Our travel and pet underwriting manager, also received a customer claim after yet another squirrel had caused a nuisance.

'While on holiday in Tanzania, the policyholder had stored his clothes in a cupboard in the hotel, A squirrel managed to get into the cupboard and chewed holes in the policyholder's jacket, shoes and t-shirts'. 

'There was some contention as to whether an African squirrel would be regarded as vermin and therefore fall within an exclusion under the policy, but after deliberation we agreed to cover the claim.'

There are a number of species of squirrel native to Tanzania, including ground squirrels, sun squirrels, bush squirrels and even giant squirrels.

At least we'll know which critters to keep an eye on when we're next on holiday...

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