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Flat tyre

Breakdown glossary

Our jargon-busting guide to breakdown cover

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The vehicle is incapable of operation as a whole because of mechanical or electrical failure, theft or attempted theft, vandalism, accidental damage, a flat tyre, a lack of fuel or incorrect fuelling during the period of cover. Failure of any parts of the vehicle to function e.g. an indicator, headlight, windscreen wiper or convertible roof does not constitute a breakdown unless the failure causes the vehicle to be incapable of operating as a whole or is likely to result in the driver being prosecuted for using a defective vehicle. The cover cannot be used as an alternative to regular servicing or maintenance or as a way to avoid paying for repairs.
Breakdown professional
A trained, professional motor mechanic/recovery driver or specialist service provider.


Home address and Normal place of garaging
Your permanent residence we have on record at the time of a breakdown as supplied by you.


A specific European Rail Service for transporting vehicles across Europe. Motorail services do not include Channel Tunnel rail services.


Occupants of the vehicle (excluding hitch hikers).


Anyone acting with or on your authority.


Spouse and partner
Spouse, partner or civil partner residing at the same residential address.


A pre–booked continuous journey to the countries as specified within the geographical limits of Section G (UK & European Assist) which begins and ends in the UK within the policy period. The maximum amount of time you can spend abroad in total is 180 days during the policy period


UK market value
The value for the relevant make and model as specified in Glass’s Guide or a recognised equivalent.



Any mechanically propelled vehicle, registered in the UK, that requires insurance for use on the public highway as specified under the Road Traffic Act 1988 and does not exceed any of the following dimensions when fully loaded:

  • Caravans and trailers - 8 metres in length (including A-frame)
  • Motorhomes - 8 metres in length or 7.5 tonnes in weight
  • All other vehicles - 7 metres in length, 2.3 metres in width, 3 metres in height or 3.5 tonnes in weight

All vehicles must also meet the criteria specified in Section B - Vehicles.


We us and our
Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited, and where the context dictates, Liverpool Victoria Insurance Company Limited trading as LV=Britannia Rescue.


You your and policyholder
The policyholder and where the context dictates any person who is travelling in and who requests assistance for the vehicle that is registered with us.