• Walk to Work Week is May 11th to 15th
  • Challenge your colleagues to walk to work
  • Walking is a gentle way to achieve health benefits

May is National Walking Month - a campaign set up by charity Living Streets to encourage people to walk more and feel its benefits. Taking place during the month-long campaign is Walk to Work Week (May 11th-15th) - the charity's annual free workplace event that challenges employees to walk to work.

The healthy challenge is open to all workplaces and allows colleagues to log their walks - whether it's to work, a meeting or from strolling at lunchtime. Add up your total calories burned and take part in individual and team activities.

Our people at LV= get involved each year, recording the miles and targets they achieve for the week.

In May last year, together with other workplaces that took part, Walk to Work Week logged more than 50,000 miles over the five-day event. That’s twice the circumference of the Earth!

While you might not live close enough to your workplace to walk the whole way, you can still take part by driving part of the way and parking a couple of miles away, or getting off the bus a few stops earlier and walking the rest of your journey.

You could even make your office day a little different and have walking meetings. You might have a route in mind, or even a local park close by.

Healthy lifestyle

Walking is a great way to keep fit and stay in shape. Along with a healthy, balanced diet, regular walking can help to reduce the risk of health implications like heart disease and stroke, as well as keep cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check.

Walking can help you wake up from the sluggish early morning feeling and boost your energy levels, making you feel ready to seize the day.

What you could burn in 30 minutes of walking?

  • Strolling (2mph) – 75 calories, about one tea cake’s worth
  • Walking (3mph) – 99 calories, about on street coffee Cappuccino’s worth with semi-skimmed milk
  • Fast walking (4mph) – 150 calories, about half a chocolate chip muffin’s worth
  • And a person using a manual wheelchair going at 2mph will burn up around 120 calories.

Money in your pocket

As well as the benefits to your health, walking to work will do lots of good things for your bank balance. Since you won't need to stop off at the petrol station, you'll be saving money while you walk.

What's more, if you pay to park your car at work, you'll get to pocket the money you'd normally spend on parking, too.

The money you save during the month could be put towards something special, like treating yourself and your loved ones to a short trip away.

The environment

Through walking you'll be reducing the carbon dioxide emissions that pollute our environment. So each time you put the car keys down and walk away from the wheel, you'll be contributing towards a greener, safer planet.