• Sporting bears and LV= raising money for children’s charities
  • Classic cars take to the Mercedes track next to sports and supercars
  • Make a donation to the charity and get a run in your chosen classic or enthusiasts car

Sporting Bears is a dedicated group of classic car and sports car enthusiasts with the aim of raising money for children's charities. Dream Runs are by far the most popular for them. And you can get a ride in your chosen car by making a donation to the chosen charity!

They've attended many different events and were even at CarFest raising over £83,000 for charity! Every single penny raised from the donations goes directly to a number of charities the Bears supported. To this day, that figure has risen to over £1 million.

The 'Bears', as we are affectionately known, are a dedicated group of classic car and sports car enthusiasts with one primary aim - to raise money for children's charities through our own social and touring events, and to support other charitable events. It is to the club's credit that annual subscriptions support the club overheads thus allowing all monies raised from events to be directed towards the selected charities.  Since the Club was formed in 1989 we have been very active and have raised over £1,000,000 for children's charities in the UK. – Sporting Bears

The next big event they'll be is on 19 July at the Teddy Bear Run in aid of the North Hampshire branch of the National Deaf Children’s society. The group will be giving away teddies and hosting a family picnic.

One of our own is joining the Bears on the day to help raise money for the charity.

On the 19th July 2015, I will be participating in an event called the 'Teddy Bear Run' where we will deliver toys and presents to Children and families in aid of the NHDCS charity. The Bears attend many events throughout the year and we're always on the lookout for new members. Any vehicle is welcome and you never know, you may just be making a big difference to someone by joining. - James

James got to know the Sporting Bears in the summer of 2014 when attending a local motor event. The club were offering 'Dream Rides' and he ended up chatting with one of the Bears' organisers about their involvement with the event. He explained, for a small donation people could go out as a passenger in a car of their choice. What amazed James was the fact that the cars on offer varied from humble classics to million pound hyper-cars, yet all the owners had given up their time and cars for free, all for the purpose of making people smile.

Want to get involved?

You can! Sign up and join the Teddy Bear Run and check out the super, classic and hyper-cars! And maybe, you’ll get to ride in one of your all-time dream cars too!