Father's day a league of their own. They win some and they lose some, but thanks for all the memories Dad. Let's keep score...Getting a quiet night’s sleep	0 – 5	Screaming baby throughout the night  Taking your child to the game	1 – 3	They support the opposition Spending hours assembling the presents	4 – 0	Remembering to buy the batteries A screaming daughter	2 – 2	Spiders rescued Pretending to let the kids win    	3 – 4	Never being able to beat them anyway Thinking you’re King of the BBQ	2 – 6	Burnt sausages Daughter’s wardrobe full of new clothes	3 – 3	Dad’s empty wallet Cars checked and fixed	4 – 0	Dad’s weekends of rest Embarrassing ‘Dad’ dancing	3 – 1	Father/daughter dance on her wedding day Holding your grandchild for the first time	1 – 2 Knowing they’ve got it all to come. LV= Wishing all dads a wonderful father's day