• Choose your style, from the Tom Selleck, the Charlie Chaplin or the Poirot
  • Keep it stylish with our hints and tips
  • Movember raises awareness and to improve the lives of those living with prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues

Participating in Movember for the first time? Keen to look dapper with your new, burgeoning moustache? Read ahead for our grooming guide.

Moustaches are serious business during Movember, and serious business requires serious thinking and serious action. In short, it pays to be serious when it comes to moustache maintenance to keep up with the seasoned moustache trendies.

There's a lot of pressure in getting it right. Trust us, keeping the fuzz above up above your top lip in shipshape condition requires effort and patience, so we’ve put some moustache grooming tips together for you so you can stay stylish in Movember.

Start with a blank canvas

Easy enough if you are following the rules of Movember, starting off with no specific shape is important for establishing a solid base. Have a clean shave and then let a light beard grow in.

Get the environment right

If you've got a sizeable mirror, then you're off to a good start. If yours is one with a mirror light, then you're winning. The key thing to note is that want a lot of light (so it does pay to shave when the sun is shining) to give you a lot of exposure of the shape of your face.

The pre-shave rep

Given that you've got a beard, you'll need a good shave. Soften and clean your whiskers and skin with a quality exfoliator and shaving cream. Again, if this is your first time growing a moustache, leave some excess hair around your upper lip to shave into when styling.

Think Tom Selleck

You may have a particular look in mind, but at first it pays to be generous with your aesthetic. You may prefer to have something similar to Errol Flynn, but this is ambitious from the outset. Think Tom Selleck to begin with because it's a classic look (and let’s face it – Magnum PI WAS cool).

Visit a respectable barber

Some of you may take a liking to your Selleck-esque tache and decide to stick with it past Movember. Others may want to play around, to go for the pencil thing moustache sported by David Niven and in such instances, it is worthwhile getting it shaped by a professional. Their advice will be invaluable.

Invest in scissors and a tache comb

You need proper tools when it comes to upkeep because as your moustache begins to take on some weight, maintenance is essential for growing it the 'right way'. Based on the advice of your barber, you'll feel confident about taking matters into your own hand at this point. May even be work discussing moustache wax (yes, it does exist!).

Take it slowly

The key is to be patient, take your time and enjoy the experience. As a general tip, comb down. This will help identify uneven hairs, which can be snipped away with some scissors. To maintain a certain shape, brush the hair in the direction you want it to go. Again, trim to the length you want and ensure that both sides are equal.

We’d like to wish everyone taking part in the best of luck in growing a great mo, make sure you abide by the official Movember rules and we hope you raise lots of money for this great cause.