• Make waste a thing of the past by only selecting the vegetables you need when you need them from your own garden
  • Add seasonal veg into your diet, save on your shopping bill and be inspired to start growing your own vegetables at home with our helpful guide below
  • More and more people are finding that growing their own fresh vegetables is not only a way to enjoy the fantastic flavour of freshly produced food, it saves money too

Summer has arrived, and with it a love of being outdoors and in the garden. Over the last few years, the trend of growing your own vegetables in your very own vegetable patch has increased in popularity and why not? With a little hard work, you can have a wide range of vegetables growing in your very own garden, saving money on your shopping bills and making sure you can easily get your 5 a day with delicious home grown goods.

But how do you go about starting your vegetable patch? We teamed up with gardening enthusiast Sarah Farnborough to tell us about how, and what, we should be doing to get the best growing in our gardens.

Seasonal Top Tips

Spring is when you can get a head start with your crops by covering soil with polythene. This helps warm up the earth and we found it keeps prepared soil weed free. If you are not growing from seed, many vegetables can be bought as small plants from local garden centres, making growing your own even easier as you only have to pop them in and watch them grow!

The summer months are when most of your vegetables will be ready to eat, so try to stagger planting so you don’t get everything at once. When choosing what to grow, it is best to choose vegetables you use regularly so you don’t end up with vegetables you are not sure what to do with. 

Autumn is still a time for harvest, but you can also think about planting. With the soil still warm in September you can continue to sow crops like lettuce, particularly oriental salad mixes and spinach, as these are wonderful to use in stir-fry recipes and soups as the weather turns cooler.

In winter it’s time to get soil prepared and create a plan for what to plant in spring. If you are thinking about growing from seed, then a cold frame or greenhouse is the best way to start seedlings off. Once established, these small plants can be transplanted outside when all signs of frost have passed.

Spending time in the garden can be something for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you have patio pots, some spare space in a border or a large allotment, with a bit of simple planning and a little hard work you could soon be eating your own lovely fresh vegetables.

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Growing your own vegetables is one idea to try, but you can grow your own fruit too with our handy guide.