• Reduce your shopping bill by saving money on expensive soft fruits that spoil quickly
  • Enjoy the wonderful taste of freshly picked produce as you need it meaning no more waste
  • Get children interested in eating their five-a-day by growing fruit like strawberries as a family project

Summer is a time we start thinking about eating more healthily. With stodgy winter dishes a thing of the past, lighter meals and desserts packed with healthy fruit and vegetables are far more appealing. But buying fruit from the supermarket is not just expensive; it can also be a gamble. More often than not, fruit is either under ripe or over ripe and lacking in flavour.

Growing your own vegetables is very popular, but what about growing your own fruit. Too complicated? Not enough space? Not so fast! Read our seasonal tips and growing guides and you could be enjoying your own home grown fruit in no time.

Seasonal Top Tips

Early spring is the best time to start work in the garden. Prepare soil or pots using plenty of well-rotted manure or garden compost. Take a trip to the garden centre and choose from a variety of fruiting canes, fruit trees and soft fruit. Plant fruit like gooseberries and raspberries for a summer and autumn harvest.

Once summer arrives, most fruit will be ready or ripening. Pick fruit regularly to ensure a good harvest. If birds are enjoying your produce as much as you are, put netting around the plants to protect them. Water fruits well during hot weather.

Autumn is not just about harvesting, it’s also time for planting. Fruit like rhubarb and strawberries can be planted now as they both require a cold spell to encourage good growth and fruit production the following year. An autumn glut of fruit is perfect for jam making.

Winter is time to tidy. Prune fruiting canes like blackcurrants and gooseberries to ensure a good harvest the following year. Autumn-fruiting raspberries are very simple to prune, but bushes like blackcurrants can require more care. For ease, try using a pruning diagram available in gardening books or on the internet.

It's not just fruit you can grow at home, it's just as rewarding to grow your own vegetables too.