• Dress Your Pet Day is on January 14th
  • Have fun and dress your dog or cat in stylish and comfortable clothing
  • Be sensitive to your pet and take consideration of their comfort

At LV= we're sure that our customers love the pets – and this can include dressing up their beloved cat or dog. There's even an annual celebration – Dress Your Pet Day.

The back story

Dress Your Pet Day was founded by the celebrity pet lifestyle expert and animal behaviourist Colleen Paige, as a fun way of celebrating our pets, to promote the importance of animal adoption and to support local businesses that specialise in pets.

Key things to consider

It's important to understand that this is about celebrating your pet, not embarrassing them or taking advantage. Ms Paige urges owners to stay away from costumes that are either uncomfortable, 'seasonally inappropriate' or disrespectful.

Have fun, she says, by dressing them up in something that's cute, comfortable and stylish – Dress Your Pet Day doesn't have to, for example, be about fancy dress. You can also invest in genuinely stylish gear.

A huge market

The demand for pet clothes and accessories is growing, especially in the US. It's gaining momentum in the UK too, with the market being worth around £30 million. It is part of a wider, general shift in attitudes towards pets, with more owners spending more money on luxury services and products.

Some top tips for dressing your pet

  • Make sure your outfit doesn't limit your pet's natural movements and their ability to eat, drink and rest.
  • Don't keep the outfit on for a prolonged period of time, as they may become unnaturally warm.
  • Try as much as possible to keep the head free of any item of clothing that will irritate them.
  • Beware of any accessories that may choke your pet if it gets caught on something or if, for example, decorations fall into their mouth (like beads).
  • Ensure that the item is made of material that will not irritate your pet's skin.
  • If your animal looks stressed then take the clothing off for a period of time and test it again. If they continue to appear uneasy, then remove completely.