• Looking for a cost effective and fun way to entertain the children this summer?
  • Make beautiful garden lanterns with your family on a budget
  • Jen Walshaw from The Mad House shares her passion for getting crafty with her children with us in her guest blog for LV=

I love turning things from my recycling bin into something we can use. This DIY garden lantern was made from a plastic bottle and it turned out really well. The lantern was inspired by a couple of garden ornaments that I had seen including these water bottle wind spirals and this plastic bottle wind spinner.

Jen is passionate about crafting and cooking, and can often be found in the kitchen teaching her boys (aged 8 and 10) to make pizza dough, or making homemade gifts for family and friends. When not up to her eyes in flour or paint, She can be found writing about living a creative family life at www.muminthemadhouse.com.

Why not catch up with her at The Mad House Facebook page, be inspired by her fabulously curated Pinterest boards or follow her on Instagram for a glimpse in to family life in The Mad House.