• Playing car games on long journeys can help pass the time
  • Audio books are fun for all the family on long journeys
  • Some car games can be entertaining and educational

We’ve all been there before - young children and adults getting restless on a long car journey - so it’s good to have some entertainment ready to pass the time.

You can mix things up with word guessing, music quizzes, and even travel bingo.

Games played with the family help ease the tension of being in the car for long periods of time and here are some of our favourites.

I spy

One of the oldest games we can think of, played by children and adults all over the world. There are so many choices for you to spy, it’s a free, and a fun way to help educate your children.

To play I-spy one person chooses something, it could be anything too. Start with something easy to guess if your child is very young, this encourages them to be inquisitive and when they guess right, it’s rewarding for them too.

If they’re a little older why not choose something a more abstract. If there’s a field full of sheep, choose ‘W’ for wool, or if you see horses, choose ‘H’ for hooves. If you’re feeling really tricky use ‘R-H-T’ for right hand turn!

To start the game say "I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…"

Each passenger then guesses what the object is based on the first letter of the word. The person who guesses correctly, starts the next round of the game.

Audio books

In car entertainment doesn’t have to be expensive, even when you decide to spend money on it.

Looking back to when Jackanory (1965 – 1996) was on our TV screens, it brings up fond memories, but it doesn't have to only be nostalgia. From the days of Rik Mayall, Bernard Cribbins, Alan Rickman and even Prince Charles you can recapture this with an audio book.

Many famous people narrate audio books for your pleasure, and there are books for adults, teens, and young children too, something for all the family to enjoy.

And now with many car stereos able to play a whole variety of audio, you’re spoilt for choice on choosing the best audio book.

Audio book sellers will often do sales, discounts, and give-aways, some are even free!


This is a fun number game where each person takes it in turns to count from 1-100. Whenever a number includes five, the person must say "buzz" instead. For example, 11, 12, 13, 14, buzz. If they forget, they are out of the game and the next person begins.

If you are playing with older children, you may wish to make the rules a bit harder, by swapping numbers that are multiples of six with the word buzz.

The person to reach the highest number is the winner.

20 questions

Another old time favourite, the name says it all. One person thinks of an object, person, or anything they can imagine.

Then, the rest of the group get to ask 20 questions, and the person they’re asking is only allowed to answer with Yes or No.

Some great ideas of people are; Harry Potter, the Grinch, Horton, and Katniss Everdeen. If you don’t want to choose a person, think of an object like a pogo stick, balloon, or a pair of football socks

The winner is the first person to guess correctly and they take the next turn.