• It’s British Sausage Week – 3rd – 7th Nov 2014
  • Now in its 17th year, we Briton eats a total of 191 tonnes of sausages a year
  • Rugby legend Phil Vickery lead the celebration of the great British Banger

You may not know, but today marks the start of British Sausage week, an annual event celebrating all thing bangers. From bangers and mash to hot dogs and toad in the hole, it's fair to say that Brits love chomping their way through the tasty magnificence that is a good sausage.

87 per cent of British households buy sausages regularly, with some five million people a day working their way through some of the many delicious combination of sausage on offer.

So it's no surprise to learn that every year the UK pays tribute to this tasty food with seven days of sausage-inspired festivities.

With that in mind, we've looked into the magical world of sausages and uncovered some fascinating facts about them.

Where bangers come from

The nickname bangers came from the Second World War. Due to rationing and a scarcity of certain foods, a bit of innovation was required and, as a consequence, sausages had a higher water count. On occasion then, when cooked, water turning into steam, they would explode with a 'bang'.

Sausages most popular in the evening

Sausages are, somewhat surprisingly, favoured as part of an evening meal with 48 per cent of Brits preferring to have them as an accompaniment to dinner. This is followed by a teatime dish (18 per cent), breakfast and lunch (16 per cent respectively) and as a snack (two per cent).

Numbers, numbers, numbers

The organisers of British Sausage Week note that we Brits chew our way through 191,040 tonnes of sausages a year, which was worth an astonishing £667.4 million. The sausage market is dominated by 'standard sausages' (58 per cent), followed by premium (32 per cent), economy (six per cent) and low-fat (four per cent).

The Golden Banger Award

To raise awareness of the great variety, quality and all round tastiness of British sausages, Phil Vickery former England rugby captain and Celebrity MasterChef winner will be embarking on a tour of the country to find the tastiest sausage.

As part of the event, butchers, supermarkets, school cooks and chefs across the country have been invited to enter their best sausages into this year’s competition. And with Phil on board, this year the judges are hoping to discover even more exciting new sausage flavours, with the winning butcher in each region receiving a much sought-after Golden Banger Award.

Find out more about Phil and his search for the Great British Banger

Sausages are part of everyday British life, with many regions claiming their very own variety.

  • Cumberland Sausage A hefty, chunky sausage easily identified as it comes in a continuous spiral. Usually bought by length, not weight. Spiced with pepper this a flavoursome sausage and a good all-rounder.
  • Gloucester Sausage As the name implies, it is made with Gloucester Old Spot Pork, flavoured with sage, and traditionally is very long and sold in a coil.
  • Lincolnshire Sausage All herby and meaty, often heady with sage and has its very own festival held in the grounds of Lincoln Castle and Cathedral in October.
  • Manchester Sausage A herby sausage containing cloves, ginger, nutmeg, mace and white pepper – and even inspired a sausage club held in Manchester by Manchester’s Splendid Sausage Company.
  • Oxford Sausage - Made with sage and a touch of marjoram, lemon pork and veal – this a nicely refined sausage that lives up to the Oxford reputation.
  • Pork and Apple – Perfect for those who are back on the booze after giving it up for stoptober, the apple in this pork sausage opens itself up to using cider in the mix that is much loved in the West Country (and further afield).
  • Yorkshire Sausage - Expect a sausage flavoured with cayenne, a pinch of nutmeg and white pepper. There have been many variations to this age old recipe, but the good people of Yorkshire decided to find the best sausage of the region –  find out the results and get the recipe on the British Sausage website!