We are often told that "a man’s home is his castle", or so the saying goes. Our homes are where we feel safe, where our loved ones gather and ultimately where we spend a large proportion of our spare time. With that said, it’s only natural that we would want our homes to be secure, comfortable and tailored to our individual needs.

  • A modern looking lounge demonstrating the Phillips Hue Personal Lighting system
    Phillips Hue Personal Lighting - It’s a situation we’ve all been in at some point - you tuck yourself into bed for the night, only to realise that you’ve left a light on somewhere in the house. Phillips have the answer with the Hue Personal Lighting system giving you complete control over the lighting in your home from the comfort of your bed (or anywhere else) using your smartphone. Simply replace your existing light bulbs with the wireless LED bulbs which screw directly into your current light fittings and connect a box (the ‘bridge’) to your home Wi-Fi network. The bridge sits at the heart of the Hue system and acts as the connection between the app on your phone and your bulbs. It links to your home Wi-Fi through your router and can connect up to 50 bulbs at a time. You can then use the app to control the brightness of the bulbs, their current function and powering on and off. Check out the Phillips website for more information on Hue Personal Lighting system.
  • The WeMo plug socket connecting your home appliances
    The WeMo Insight Switch - Take control of the appliances in your home from your smartphone. The WeMo Insight Switch from Belkin lets you check whether you remembered to turn off the iron, set a timer for the lights or get serious about auditing the energy consumption of your home appliances. Simply plug the Switch directly into a socket in your home, connect it to your Wi-Fi network and plug an appliance or electronic device into the Switch. After you’ve downloaded the free WeMo App to your smartphone or tablet, you can use the app to power your devices on or off, create customised notifications as well as monitor your appliances energy consumption. With the WeMo Insight Switch, your home becomes a whole lot smarter.
  • LG's home chat demonstrated with a smartphone connected to kitchen appliances
    HomeChat - Can help you optimise your domestic life! Ever got back from the supermarket to realise that you missed that one item that you thought you had in the fridge? Or stayed up late waiting for the washing machine to finish? What if your fridge could send you a picture of its contents whilst you’re out shopping! Or you could tell your washing machine to start its cycle so that it’s ready for when you get home. With LG’s HomeChat™ and its premium smart appliance line-up that includes a camera-equipped refrigerator and a washing machine that allows users to start cycles, managing your home and its devices has never been easier. Thanks to its built-in natural language processing technology, all you need to do is download the app and chat away. In the UK, HomeChat™ is currently available to control LG’s Music Flow multi-room speaker system and will be introduced to home appliances over the next few years.
  • A smartphone connected to the iKettle
    iKettle - After a long day at work, a hot drink can often be the simple comfort you need to unwind. However, you now have to wait for the kettle to boil. But what if you could tell the kettle to be boiled for when you walk in the door? With the World’s first Wi-Fi kettle, now you can. Never again will you have to endure the long, tedious wait for the kettle to finish boiling – one simple touch on your smart-phone is all you need. The app also has a handy Wake mode, which asks you if you’d like the kettle to be popped on. You can now stay in bed a little longer or get on with other morning tasks, while your kettle preps your morning brew. The iKettle has four temperature settings so that you can get your drinks to their ideal temperatures, as well as keeping your water warm, so it is ready for an imminent tea party. You can also customise your kettle depending on your kitchen with iKettle skins. These are made out of silicon, which help keep your kettle insulated and protect against accidental burns and come in 5 different colours.
  • The Kolibree linked to a smartphone app
    Kolibree Toothbrush - Getting children to brush their teeth properly can often be an arduous task. Luckily for parents all over the World there is a new toothbrush which hopes to make brushing more fun and effective for the whole family. The Kolibree Toothbrush has an ergonomic design, suited for both children and adults and comes equipped with vibrating technology, 3D motion sensors and Bluetooth connectivity. The technology allows users to track their brushing techniques in real-time and to manage your actions over time. For family fun, Kolbiree also offers a game through the connected app. The orientation of the toothbrush allows your character to move within the game and collect coins, which ultimately teaches your children how to better brush their teeth and earn more rewards through the game. Children may even start looking forward to brushing their teeth at night!
  • Always losing your keys, not anymore. Keys shown on a desk
    TileApp - Know someone who is forever misplacing their keys? Wallet or purse? Give them TileApp. The Tile acts as a tether between the items you attach it to and your phone. Each Tile has a Bluetooth signal up to 100 feet, making all your items easy to find. The app also supports up to 8 separate Tiles, so you don’t need to worry about picking and choosing which items to Tile. The app can also help if you’ve lost or misplaced an item, for example your keys. Your phone can then track the Bluetooth signal strength of your Tile, filling in the tracking circle on your phone as you get closer, as well as the Tile playing a melody so that it’s even easier to find. A great additional feature of Tile is that every phone that has the TileApp downloaded can help you find lost items. Say for example you’ve lost your car keys; you simply mark your item as lost within your app, which will then show up on apps within the Tile community. If your item is either found by you or by another Tile member, you will be notified of its location.
  • The Ring doorbell with camera built in for added security
    Ring - We all worry about the safety of our home while we are away. Ever wished you could monitor when people come to your door? The Ring Video Doorbell lets you monitor when people come to your door. When someone rings your doorbell, or even if there has been motion detected on your property, you will receive an instant alert via the Ring app. You can see and speak directly to your visitors through the HD camera and built in microphone. The Ring Video Doorbell was designed with safety and security in mind, to help prevent potential burglaries of your home. With its built-in motion sensors, you can receive alerts whenever there has been motion detected on your property. As the camera continuously records, you can also watch archive footage from the camera through Cloud Recording.
  • The Lockitron Bolt attached to a door and opens with your smartphone
    Lockitron Bolt - Most people, at some point in their lives, will second-guess whether they’ve locked the front door. With the new Lockitron Bolt, those worries go out the window. This gadget essentially helps you replace your keys with your phone. Through your smart-phone, you can lock and un-lock your door and with the Lockitron Bolt Bridge, you can have peace of mind that your door is locked, even when you’re on the other side of the World. You can also keep track of when your door has been locked or unlocked by other people. Lockitron can send you instant notifications letting you know if your child has locked or unlocked the door using either their phone or their keys. With different finishes, you can match Lockitron Bolt to your current décor and have peace of mind immediately.
  • The Netatmo on a desk with some keys
    Netatmo Welcome - It’s comforting to know who is in your home when you aren’t there, especially your children or elderly relatives. The Netatmo Welcome has revolutionary face recognition technology, recognizing your loved ones as they pass in front of the camera. It can then send you notifications of the people it sees directly to your smart-phone, as well as alerting you if it sees a stranger. In order to protect your family’s privacy, you can create custom settings to disable video recordings or notifications for individual people. This device also won’t waste your time or storage space by recording hours of empty footage – it will only record when it sees movement or something is happening. It also has great night vision – so you can see if anyone is sneaking downstairs for a midnight snack!
  • The Petcube camera shown with the screen display on a smartphone
    Petcube - For any animal owners, leaving your beloved pet at home for hours on end can often be distressing, for both you and them. Have you ever wondered what your pet gets up to while you are at work? Do you feel guilty for leaving them home alone for hours? Fret no more, as now you have Petcube! Funded on Kickstarter, Petcube quickly became one of the most successful crowdfunding products in history. A small square box that fits virtually anywhere in your home, PetCube connects to your home WiFi and gives you the opportunity to watch, talk to and even play with your pets, all through a free mobile app on your iOS or Android phone. Petcube offers a 2-way audio stream through a built-in microphone and speaker and even has a laser-pointer, allowing you to play with your pets even when you are miles away.