• Take an exclusive look into the making of the new LV= Home Insurance advert
  • Pick up tips and hints from world class radio-controlled stunt driver Yutaka
  • Yutaka has a large international following, with over 3.5million YouTube views of his stunts

If you’ve seen the new LV= home insurance TV advert featuring a young boy driving his radio-controlled green car around his house, drifting around chairs, tables and pet dog, you’ll probably wonder just how he managed to achieve such feats.

Was this trickery – some cunning computer-generated imagery? Not at all, but neither was it the young lad shown in the advert. Say hi to Yutaka (aka Drift 44), a world-class radio-control stunt driver.

Watch the video to pick up some tips and hints from the master of radio control and find out what it takes to learn his amazing skills.

Yutaka has a popular presence on YouTube (his channel has thousands of followers) and was delighted to take part in the advert. His innovative videos have been viewed over 3.5 million times on YouTube.

And is it possible to go out and buy the car featured in the advert? Again, we used a little bit of poetic licence. This isn’t the sort of car that a youngster would be able to pick up from his local shop. Instead, it’s Yutaka’s own professional chassis with a purpose-built Green shell sat on top.  

Hopefully you’ll now be inspired to go out and pick up a radio (or remote) controlled car and see if you can mimic some of Yutaka’s cool tricks. As Yutaka told us, you don’t need a high-end car to play – just a sense of adventure and the willingness to practice, practice, practice.