• There is still time to enjoy some of the beautiful winter activities in these two stunning destinations
  • Choose from whale watching and hunting down the northern lights in Iceland
  • Alternatively, enjoy husky sledding or ice fishing in Lapland and make the most of the final weeks of winter

Whenever you think of a winter holiday, skiing atop a snowy mountain is usually the image that springs to mind. However, for those of you who don’t see the appeal of the French Alps or are simply looking for an alternate place to enjoy your winter holiday, why not take a look at Lapland or Iceland as a new holiday spot.

Both destinations offer a whole host of winter activities to keep you busy and allow you to enjoy experiences to last a lifetime. As winter is now drawing to a close and we can finally start to enjoy the warmer weather, why not think of these two destinations for your next winter break and give yourself something to look forward to.

Lapland is a region that covers a large area of northern Sweden, Finland, Norway and a part of Russia’s Kola Peninsula. Past studies have shown that the air in the Northern part of Lapland is the cleanest in Europe. Lapland is not only known for its beautiful scenery and the Northern lights but also for the many activities it has to offer. Husky sledding, sleigh rides, ice fishing and snowmobile safaris are just a few of the many things you can experience in Lapland.

Iceland is an incredible destination in the North Atlantic Ocean. In less than 3 hours on a direct flight, you get exposed to a location that is so different from your normal day-to-day scenery; this is an experience you cannot miss!

  • A team of huskies pulling a sled over the snow
    Husky sledding - The husky trips can last a day, three days or even a week. It is a great way to really get into the experience and do something unique. You can combine this with staying a night in the ICE Hotel.
  • Reindeer shown standing with their sleighs
    Sleigh Rides - Snuggle up under a warm and cosy blanket as you take a journey on the back of this reindeer-pulled sleigh. Soak up the traditional Lappish culture, as this is the same way that people used to have to travel in order to get from one place to the next. These gorgeous creatures will pull you along as you take in the beautiful surroundings on your journey. You also have the opportunity to see and learn more about reindeers as you can combine your sleigh ride with a visit to a local reindeer farm.
  • A group ice fishing on a frozen lake
    Ice fishing - It’s not particularly common to go fishing when the top of the water is covered in ice, but it can be done! By drilling a hole through the top of the ice, you can enjoy a fishing experience like no other. Enjoy the fresh, clean air and the beautiful natural surroundings. Don’t forget to warm up afterwards around a cosy campfire and get the opportunity to grill all of the fish you caught!
  • A person sat on their snowmobile looking out to a beautiful orange glowing sunset
    Snowmobile safaris - Snowmobiles often appeal to the adventurer in all of us and what better way to enjoy one than to go out on a winter snowmobile safari. Get out into the wilderness and experience the adventure of a life time by taking in the breath-taking Lapland scenery. The snowmobile safaris allow you to see the untouched nature of Lapland, the incredible views and if you are really lucky, chase down the Northern Lights.
  • A Humpback whale breaks surface splashing back down
    Whale watching - Iceland is the whale watching capital of Europe. The whales you get to see are mainly Minke and Humpbacks and to see such a large and beautiful creature out in the wild is a majestic sight. Whale watching tours run throughout the year and are family friendly.
  • Clear blue water of the Blue Lagoon shown with steam rising from the volcanic heat
    The Blue Lagoon - When we think of the phrase ‘blue lagoon’, it often sounds like an imaginary place. However the blue lagoon in Iceland is a real and truly spectacular place. Powered by the heat of the local volcano, the Blue Lagoon offers stunning views of the natural scenery as well as the opportunity to receive spa treatments. The lagoon itself has tubs of a natural mud face mask planted around the circumference of the lagoon, and the spa inside the building offers a multitude of spa treatments for a truly unique and relaxing experience.
  • Gullfoss waterfalls in the winter
    Waterfalls - One of the many things Iceland is famous for are its huge and natural waterfalls. Iceland has so many different waterfalls to offer, however the most famous by far is Gullfoss, translated as “Golden Falls”. Standing above this giant natural beauty is spectacular as the noise of the rushing water echoes all around you. In winter, a lot of the falls will get frozen over which is incredible to see. There is also a very unique story surrounding Gullfoss and its rich history, which the tour guides are always happy to tell.
  • Skaftafell Ice Cave with a photographer preparing to take pictures at the mouth of the cave
    Caving - For those who are feeling extra adventurous, you will be fully rewarded with a trip to the ice caves. The travel agencies that organise tours of Iceland also offer trips to the glaciers which the caves can then be accessed from. In autumn of each year, the ice caves begin to take their shape and they then last throughout the winter. There are numerous caves located throughout Iceland, yet the Skaftafell Ice Cave is one of the most famous caves in the world, which is located in the Skaftafell National Park. This would make for a truly unforgettable experience.