• Vertical gardens are possible with literal green houses
  • Couple design and live in replica horror flick Halloween house
  • An enthusiastic skater has designed the ultimate 'skate house'

Star Trek house

The American entrepreneur Marc Bell is a big fan of Star Trek, so much so that he decided to decorate his 27,000-square-foot Mediterranean-looking house in Miami, Florida, as if it was the interior of the starship Enterprise. It has the bridge from the famous spaceship – with the complementary 'whoosh' sound – and various Star Trek memorabilia.

And the best news? It can be yours for a cool $35 million.

Skateboard house

There is something quite nice about being able to pursue your passion or interest from the luxury of your home. For some people though, this can be a little difficult, but as Pierre-André Senizergues has proved, anything is possible. The former skateboarder created a concept hybrid home and skate park in Los Angeles, California. The clever design means that all furniture is skateable.

Thunderbirds house

Described as a modern architectural masterpiece set in Millionaire's Row in Branksome Park, Dorset, this five-bedroom home, which comes with a luxury fitted kitchen, living room, cinema, gym and swimming pool, pays homage to the hidden headquarters of the Thunderbirds team on Tracey Island. Built in 2005 by developer Eddie Mitchel, the property is valued at £3,950,000.

Green house

Located on the outskirts of Brussels, Belgium, this green house, as literal as they come. It is the brainchild of botanist Patrick Blanc, who describes himself as the inventor of the vertical garden, an inventive way of creating a 'living' home where the exterior shell is able to grow produce and flowers for sustainable and decorative reasons.

Flintstones house

Completely outlandish but excellently designed, the late TV personality Dick Clark's Flintstones-inspired, single-storey abode Malibu, US, is, needless to say, a modern-day interpretation of Stone Age living that recently sold for $1.7 million. Aside from the stony-architecture, the open-plan layout and spacious rooms are two of the key features of this very retro home.

Lego House

Although it has since been knocked down, the world’s first Lego House was quite a feat of ingenuity and offers interesting possibilities about economical and cost-effective self-build projects. It was made out of 3.3 million Lego bricks as part of James May's Toy Stories and came with a working shower, toilet and, among other things, a less than comfortable bed.

Halloween house

Thanks largely to one of the creepiest theme tunes in movie history and the blank mask worn by the evil protagonist, Halloween remains one of the most unnerving horror flicks. Kenny and Emily Caperton are huge fans, so much so that they decided to make an exact replica of the house featured in Halloween movie. And yes, although it is an attraction, it is also their actual place of residence.

Porcelain house

What was once just a barren, old colonial-era building in Tianjin, China, is now one giant and colourful monument to all things porcelain. Zhang Lianzhi, an impassioned collector, decided that he wanted to showcase his collection in a novel way and set about decorating the house. It is said to be made up of up to 400 million pieces of ancient porcelain and thousands of pieces of ancient chinaware.