• American architect Frank Lloyd Wright built a stylish house over a waterfall
  • There’s a house in Portugal made out of boulders, bringing a whole new meaning to retro-property
  • The skinniest house in Boston was built out of spite in the 1870s

We all dream of finding the perfect dream home. But what if your idea of a dream home is a bit more unusual than most? We had a look into some of the more unique houses around.


Location: Above a waterfall in Pennsylvania, US

Designed by the renowned American architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935, Fallingwater, as its name suggests, was partly built over a waterfall on Bear Run, amidst a backdrop of forest. It’s considered to be a masterpiece in modern design and a fitting example of organic architecture.

Casa do Penedo (House of Stone)

Location: In a boulder in Fafe, Portugal

Perhaps one the most retro architectural projects of the 20th century, Casa do Penedo, which literally translates into House of Stone, was built in 1974 with four different boulders. While it may look like a prehistoric construction, the interior is more modern, like something you'd find in a rustic cabin.


Location: In a cave in Missouri, US

Built inside a former limestone and sandstone cave – which was found on eBay – between 2003 and 2006, Caveland is the three-storey home of Curt and Deborah Sleeper. Much more modern than the House of Stone, this expansive home, which stretches some 15,000-square-feet, has been developed in line with industry standards.

Skinny House

Location: In an alleyway in Boston, US

The American city's skinniest house - 10.4 feet at its widest and 9.25 feet at its narrowest – this scrawny property was built in the 1870s out of spite. According to local folklore, two brothers inherited land from their father. When one was away on military service, the other built a large home, leaving little real space for the other. That didn't deter him, as he went ahead with this cheeky construction, knowing all too well it would block out the sunlight and ruin his sibling's view.

Floating Houses

Location: Multiple

While floating homes are not a new idea – narrowboats have been considered as much for quite some time – there is growing interest in the viability of these static and moveable houses. The former is ideal for flood-prone areas – rises with the water – while the latter is still somewhat of a luxury, letting you travel without ever leaving home.

Free Spirit Spheres (tree houses)

Location: Among trees in Vancouver Island, Canada

Appealing to the inner kid in all of us, these spherical cabins are "suspended like pendants" amongst the treetops of the rainforest of Vancouver Island and are a great example of how luxurious these kinds of constructs can be. The houses are hotel-based, but there are developers out there with the resources to build one for you wherever you want.

One Log House

Location: In a log in California, US

California is home to some of the oldest, tallest and biggest trees in the world, meaning, if you are so inclined, you could make a home out of one of the logs. One man did just that. In the 1940s, Len Moore, inspired after spending a night in a fallen Redwood tree trunk during a storm, built a seven-foot high, 32-foot long (motor) home.

The House on the Rock

Location: On a rock in the middle of the Drina river, Serbia

Built on a whim of sorts in 1968 – a group of young swimmers needed a place to crash – the House on the Rock is a cute little shack that has been rebuilt numerous times that it is no longer the original version, much like Trigger's broom. Still, there's something fascinating about the cabin and it is much loved by locals.