10 Amazing Christmas Facts (that aren’t actually facts!)  Christmas is a time of traditions, but how many of the Christmas “facts” that we take for granted are simply myths? Many of our customs are not as traditional as you might think, and once had very different meanings. Our infographic shows that things are not always what they seem at Christmas…  Coca-Cola Invented Santa Claus We believe... Coca-Cola created the image of red and white Santa Claus Actually... The red comes from the ceremonial red robes of St. Nicholas. He also was said to wear green robes but Coca Cola adopted the red and white design.  Mistletoe is romantic We believe… Standing under mistletoe means you get to kiss someone.  Actually… From Norse mythology, mistletoe was a symbol of the Goddess of Love, Frigg. Her son, Baldur was brought back from the dead. As gratitude, Frigg declared the plant a symbol of love forever more, kissing anyone who stood beneath it.    Children want toys for Christmas We believe... All children want toys for Christmas.  Actually... Top 3 presents children aged  3-12 were:  1. Baby Brother/Sister 2. Reindeer 3. Horse    Decorations should come down on the 12th day of Christmas We believe… We always take down decorations on the 12th day after Christmas. Actually… It’s a recent tradition. Originally, Christians kept decorations up until ‘Candlemas Day’ - Feb 2nd!  Three kings were present at the birth of Jesus We believe… The wise men that attended Jesus’ birth were three Kings from afar.  Actually… There is no actual mention of the wise men being Kings in the Bible. Or that there were only three.   Men leave Christmas shopping until the last minute We believe... Men leave Christmas shopping until the last minute.  Actually.... Only 3% of men leave their shopping until Christmas Eve. 22% of men now complete shopping online and in stores a month in advance!   Christmas makes you fat We believe… We tend to put on a lot of excess weight over the festive period.  Actually… Men and women only put on an average of 400g extra at Christmas! By scale, this is half a tin of Roses chocolate, or a third of a bottle of wine!   Turkey is at the heart of a traditional Christmas dinner We believe… Turkey is the heart of the traditional Christmas dinner.  Actually… Goose and ham are actually the original meats of choice during Christmas. Goose was eaten by Winter Solsticers and ham by ancient Romans. Some credit Henry VIII with making Turkey the Christmas meat it has become today.   Santa has a red-nosed reindeer called Rudolph We believe… Santa has always had a red-nosed reindeer named Rudolph. Actually… Rudolph was born as part of a promotional Christmas giveaway in Chicago, America during the 1940s to sell colouring books.   People have always given each other presents at Christmas We believe… We’ve always given each other presents on Christmas Day.  Actually… This is quite a recent custom, as people used to open presents on New Year’s Day. It changed during the Victorian era when Christmas became more important to the public. It started with small gifts presented,  like nuts and sweets.   Most Popular Toys 1970s  Etch-a-Sketch ™  Stylophone ™  Raleigh ™ Chopper  Most Popular Toys 1990s  Super Soaker ™ Water Pistol Gameboy ™ Pokemon ™ Cards  Most Popular Toys 2014  Disney’s ™ Frozen Princess Elsa and Anna Loom Bands Transformers ™