• Wales v France
  • Italy v Scotland
  • England v Ireland

This week sees the Six Nations return with Wales taking on France in the first game in Round 3 of the Championships. The last time Les Bleus beat Wales was in the semi-final of the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Scotland travel to Rome, with both teams looking to register their first points of the championship. Finally, Eddie Jones’ side looks to maintain their 100% record when they take on Ireland at Twickenham.

Our expert panel consists of:

Nick Heath (Commentator)

Jamie Hosie (The Rugby Blog)

Owain Jones (Rugby World)

Lynne Cantwell (Ex-Ireland International)

Ben Coles (Planet Rugby)

Charlie Morgan (Sport Magazine)


NH – Nick Heath

LC – Lynne Cantwell

JH – Jamie Hosie

CM – Charlie Morgan

NH: So Round 3 of the Six Nations then, and it’s prediction time once more.  So I’d like you to show me between Wales and France, who do you think is going to come out on top in the Millennium Stadium. 1,2,3,4,5,6 votes for Wales.   That’s pretty conclusive.  Okay, second game will be Italy against Scotland.  So often, the Wooden Spoon decider.

JH: Let’s hope not.

NH: Let’s hope not.  Well, I’ve gone for Scotland.  

JH: Excellent, look at that.

NH: Everyone’s gone for Scotland.

JH: Well done everyone.

NH: Yeah, well done.  The Saltire happily envisioned six times there for you Jamie.  And then England against Ireland. Might be a slightly trickier one... trickier one to call there...

JH: I’ve gone early, jumped the gun.

NH: That’s alright, let’s go for it.   Well, well, well.  Lynne, that can’t make easy viewing.

LC: No, that hurt my heart!  That hurt my heart... I think Ireland away in Twickenham, thinking about last year as well, I think that would be a tough feat.

NH: Yeah, and Charlie, you think Eddie Jones will have it together and Ireland won’t have enough for him then?

CM: Yeah, that game a couple of years ago England won 13-10 I think, and Twickenham was so, so loud but if you look at the Irish names that day, it was a very experienced squad and they’ve had the sort of heart ripped out of them by injuries and retirements and that sort of thing, and yeah I just think that England will have too much.