• France v Ireland
  • Wales v Scotland 
  • Italy v England
Following the closest round of Six Nations rugby ever played, Round 2 sees Les Bleus host Ireland at Stade de France, while Wales take on Scotland. England will look to maintain their 100% record under Eddie Jones’ stewardship as they take on a rejuvenated Italy team.

Our expert panel consists of:

Nick Heath (Commentator)

Jamie Hosie (The Rugby Blog)

Owain Jones (Rugby World)

Lynne Cantwell (Ex-Ireland International)

Ben Coles (Planet Rugby)

Charlie Morgan (Sport Magazine)

Film Transcript

NH – Nick Heath

LC – Lynne Cantwell

JH – Jamie Hosie

CM – Charlie Morgan

OJ – Owain Jones

BC – Ben Coles

NH: So round two then of the RBS Six Nations. The first game of round two will be France against Ireland. How do we think that one's going to turn out. (Vote)
NH: Oh a halfway split there. Interesting. I think the Irish have a tendency to be able bottle it in Paris.
LC: Yeah, I do think so and I think from the order of the events, obviously they have Wales on the Sunday, they have France six days later. So I think that will be a tough task. Then depending obviously on the result of how things go on that first game, I think that will dictate how Ireland perform in that second game.
NH: But you’re still backing them?
LC: Yes. 
NH: Yeah. Then Wales against Scotland? (Vote)
NH: Yeah. Yeah.
JH: Can't do it this time.
NH: No! Yeah. Okay, well I think that's conforming to our suggestion that we're thinking the Welsh are probably the form and stronger team of the competition. And then Italy/England and given what we’ve said about Italy, I'm not expecting any major surprises here either. (Vote)
I thought Owain was going to just pull something out of the budget! I thought it was going to be Wales again – check his cards! Good stuff!