• France v Italy
  • Scotland v England
  • Ireland v Wales

Round 1 of this year's Six Nations sees England open their account under Eddie Jones against a strong Scotland team, whilst Wales and Ireland clash in what is always one of the standout games of the tournament. The final match sees a new look France take on an Italian side hoping to repeat the upsets of 2013 and 2011. 

Our expert panel consists of:

Nick Heath (Commentator)

Jamie Hosie (The Rugby Blog)

Owain Jones (Rugby World)

Lynne Cantwell (Ex-Ireland International)

Ben Coles (Planet Rugby)

Charlie Morgan (Sport Magazine)

Film Transcript

NH – Nick Heath

LC – Lynne Cantwell

JH – Jamie Hosie

CM – Charlie Morgan

OJ – Owain Jones

BC – Ben Coles

NH: France against Italy, winner out of that one. (Vote)

NH: Very little surprise there.  Well done everybody.  Scotland against England. This one will be interesting. (Vote)

NH: There we are.

JH: I had to do it didn’t I?

NH: Yeah. Yeah. (Laughs)

JH: Somebody’s got to fight their corner.

NH: The heritage has worked. So Vern Cotter’s not going to come out on top there.  And then this one could be quite interesting. Ireland against Wales. Owain’s already grimacing. (Vote)

NH: I’ve gone Ireland, yeah oh and four for Wales. I might have had an Irish mother so I can’t say it’s purely by head but yeah. (laughs)

LC: I knew you were a good egg.

NH: Oh but there we go. Well that’s interesting so we’re sort of four to two there. We think Wales are gonna be too strong in Dublin?

CM: Yeah, and they’ve started slowly for however many championships but it’s time they kind of changed that trend.

OJ: And I think that just so much rests on Johnny Sexton and Dan Biggar. The battle I think it’s gonna be so, so close and obviously very interested to see what line up Ireland use. But Wales would seem on paper to just have less injuries and they’ll be a little bit more settled.