• More than twenty million people live in Madagascar
  • There are over 160 rugby clubs in the capital Antananarivo alone
  • Madagascar truly is, one incredibly big #rugbyfamily

Film transcript

The following is a copy of the transcript taken from the Madagascar film.

Oregon Hoskins - OH

Jean-Luc Barthes - JB

Madagascar. The world's fourth largest island has evolved in Indian Ocean isolation. Over twenty million people live here, but there's a passion for one sport that unites them all – Rugby.

There are over 160 rugby clubs in the capital Antananarivo alone. Matches attract huge crowds, Madagascar truly is, one incredibly big rugbyfamily.

OH: Rugby is the national sport of Madagascar. So when we talk about New Zealand, and Wales and so on where rugby is the national sport of  those counties. Let's not forget about Madagascar, where rugby is really, you know, the passion of the country.

Against the odds, Madagascar came within a whisker of making it to England for the World Cup. In fact, they even beat eventual qualifiers Namibia two years ago in front of over 50,000 fans packed inside the national stadium.

In most countries, you see youngsters kicking a football around or maybe shooting some baskets. Here it's far more likely to be a rugby ball.

"For me rugby is just a sport, it is also a way of life in Madagascar."

"I love rugby because of the philosophy of the sport. I love it because it gives me the opportunity to overcome problems. If you follow the rules and the discipline then you will grow as a person."

JB: They play on the sand, in the street, everywhere. Kids are playing with bottles, adults are organising clubs and more clubs. Every borough in Madagascar has a club and everyday there are many people that are playing rugby everywhere, like it was the case for football twenty years ago in Europe.

So, keep an eye on Madagascar. With the Springboks having a tough time, the balance of power in Africa might be about to change in the not too distant future.