• The LV= County Championship helped Joe make the step up to international level
  • Joe was filmed at Headingley, home to 2014 LV= County Championship winners Yorkshire
  • Joe’s dad Matt talks about how the LV= Breakthrough Player Award enabled him to get the recognition that led to his eventual England selection

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Video Transcript

The following is a copy of the transcript taken from the Broken Through video.

Joe Root - JR

Matt Root - MR

JR: It's always been a special place for me to play here. I remember my first game for Yorkshire 1st team here was against Durham, it was my second LV= County Championship game. I remember getting quite a lot of abuse off Graham Onions, which was a nice introduction to 1st class cricket.

JR: Obviously there is a lot of history here, a lot of Yorkshire history, a lot of International history as well.

MR: The day he came home from hospital we put a little white bat in his hand, sat him in a little Moses basket with this bat and so he got every chance from then really.

JR: I always knew that I wanted to play cricket from being 10 - 11 years old when I made it into the Yorkshire Junior side but I had to make a decision at 16, 17 when I left school to pursue cricket properly and luckily I had the support of my mum, my dad, everyone involved at home and always knew that education was something I could go back to if I needed to and I'm really pleased with the decision I made.

MR: We run five teams at Sheffield Collegiate and when Joe was 12 he had a season in the 4th team and I played with him in that side. It was great to spend a year playing with him in a competitive environment. And he made me trim an inch off either side of his bat so that it made him just practice with the middle of it, that was quite unusual for a child that age.

JR: Played for the Yorkshire Academy for a couple of seasons and obviously my Dad played for Sheffield Collegiate so ended up playing against him and my brother.

MR: I did manage to hit him for a whacking great 6 which landed just down here somewhere at Headingley.

JR: It wasn't there it was down here somewhere.

MR: It was down here, in fact it was somewhere there.

JR: If you're going to tell the story and you're going to exaggerate it you may as well say it was up there somewhere!

JR: What he doesn't bring up is the fact that I got him out as well so, I think honours are even in that department.

MR: Still nice to hit him for 6!

JR: I was actually here at Headingley when I received the LV= Breakthrough Player Award. I was lucky enough to be given it by Mike Gatting. I think more than anything the recognition you get from your fellow teammates and opposition as well; you've obviously got to have had a good season and to play some good cricket to get that award. Also knowing that people watching the game, fans from across the country have voted in as well is very pleasing to know that people like the way I play and into my game.

MR: The LV= Breakthrough Player Award was really something that brought Joe's name to the forefront of the minds of selectors and it was later that year that he was picked to go on the India tour.

JR: My test debut in India was something that really sticks out for me, to go from playing on the side lines with my brother at Sheffield Collegiate to then go to India and manage to play in a test match was really special.

MR: It's incredible, you've just got to pinch yourself every now and again.

MR: I think the first time it really struck home was when he made his Ashes debut at Trent Bridge, the Red Arrows were going above the top, the Barmy Army were singing Jerusalem and Joe was walking out opening the batting in an Ashes test, so at that point it was really quite emotional!

JR: To now be stood here having played 25 test matches is quite surreal really.

JR: From being a young boy I've loved the game, I've really enjoyed playing it and every time I get to step onto the field is another chance to re-enact that excitement I had as a kid. That's all I look to do really is to have fun, be competitive and enjoy the sport.