• Jonny May won the 2012 LV= Breakthrough Player Award
  • Two years later he has a number of international caps and one of Twickenham’s great solo try to his name
  • As a young lad Jonny played for Wootton Bassett rugby club and is now in the England team

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Video Transcript

The following is a copy of the transcript taken from the Broken Through video.

Jonny May - JM
Peter May - PM

JM: From as young as I can remember I was always with a rugby ball in the garden with my dad, and being ‘when can I go to our local rugby club Wootton Basset and get started.

JM: It was just an opportunity for me to use up all my energy as a youngster really , and I used to love run away form people obviously but also enjoyed chasing after people as well.

JM: As A club Gloucester is a big part of my life now, I live just round the corner,, I’m really in the thick of it in terms of the buzz and the atmosphere building up to games. 

Commentator: Kingsholm absolutely buzzing in the run up to this Round 1 LV cup match this afternoon

JM: When I’m standing in the tunnel about to go out , you feel sharp, you’ve got your team mates around you. The crowd are roaring the adrenaline’s pumping and you don’t want to wait to much longer because the anticipation is killing you

Commentator: Sharples, he’s knocked that one back, gets it away to Jonny May

PM: The Try he scored in the LV= Cup when playing against Sale was one of those great tries.

Commentator: On the halfway May’s got real gas, and coming up to the 22 now,

JM: I just remember getting it on the halfway line and pinning my ears back really

Commentator: He’s got two sale Sharks players to beat but oh that’s absolutely superb from May

PM: Just give him the ball in space he runs like hell for the line, which is what he’s always done.

JM: The LV Cup’s hugely important to the development of young players; I got to play in numerous positions, and was able to develop my game massively.  It really is an initiation really, getting that first firs team game you start to feel a part of it, you gain that camaraderie, with your team mate and you really get to become part of the team for the first time.

JM: It was always just a distant dream at first, I went to Hartpury college and I’d see these guys train and play and to think I’m a part if that now is surreal really. And the more I’ve got involved the more I’ve let into this family culture that this club has.

JM: The people who shaped my journey into rugby would definitely be first and foremost be my Dad. He was there from a very young age taking me all over the country – here there and every where.

PM: When he was about 4.5 5 years old I was teaching him to ride a bicycle. Jonny didn’t want stabilisers at all and I literally out him on the bike without stablers on and I thought he was going to face plant but he didn’t is he’s always had good co-ordination and balance

JM: It’s great to have my dad at games,. He’s part of my support network along with my mum and my girlfriend.

PM: And I can always pick him out because his socks are down

JM: Knowing that all these people have invested time and effort into you makes  you care and you just want to out there and do them proud.

JM: Winning the LV breakthrough player award was a great achievement and something that I’m still very proud of. It’ probably the first time I got recognized as a talent I guess.

PM: I think that’s increased his profile, I think it get you in the right situation to get noticed.

JM: Without that I probably wouldn’t be where I am now as I wouldn’t have these opportunities and leant what I have done.

JM: It’s a huge honour to be a rugby player for England and part of that set up its something I would have dreamed about as a young player

PM: The feeling after that New Zealand try, I still get emotional now.

JM: You only get a few chances, so I’m just glad I was able to show to everyone and myself what I’m capable of because I knew I could do it.

PM: It’s a real emotional roller-coaster and I’m just looking forward to the next adventure.

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