Bridgnorth RFC is a community team that epitomises the #rugbyfamily, with generations passing through the club. This film follows Bryan, Head Coach of the 1st XV and his son, Patrick, who captains the U16's team and the Six Nations Grand Slam champion Ben, who was there to inspire the younger generation and encourage them to keep playing rugby.

The Club was chosen for the team talk as part of LV='s inspiration campaign, due to its strong community focus and the importance of family that weaves its way throughout Bridgnorth RFC's history.


PS - Patrick Smallman
BS - Bryan Smallman
BY - Ben Youngs
T - Team

PS: My name is Patrick Smallman and I play for Bridgnorth Rugby Club Under 16's. At school you have all the teachers coming to you talking about what you want to do as a job. For me and all my friends at the rugby club, we just want to play rugby for as long as possible.  Being coached by my dad it's, it's amazing. He's like my biggest fan.

BS: To spur the boys on today in the Bennett Cup, you've just got to talk about passion, the badge, the shirt. It's all about doing the right things at the right time.

PS: Today is massive for us. We really want to win.

BS: Alright boys. Calm down lads. Today is really important, obviously the Cup. Embrace it, take it on board. It's something that's going to last with you for life. A very special moment we've got here.  We're very privileged, fresh off the Six Nations, English scrum-half, Ben Youngs.

BY: How are we, alright? First of all, awesome to be here. We all ready for the Bennett Cup against the Old Bees then?

T: Yeah.

BY: From Cup experience for me is, just go out there and attack it. You're at that age now where a lot of you are going to go do your own thing after this and before you know it, this group of players will never be in the same room again. One thing you can have is memories. That's all it's about boys. All excited for it?

T: Yeah.

PS: You do sense a little bit of worry about how the game's going to pan out.

BY: They're a big pack aren't they? Let's move them about, move the point of the contact, alright? So that they're running around, they're puffing. You've scored a couple of tries, you start chipping away at this score and before you know it you'll be back in the game. Be really encouraged eh? Keep building, you're playing well.

PS: The one thing that we always rely on is a team spirit and we never, ever give up.  
Come on boys, let's keep putting everything yeah? Leave nothing off this pitch.
That moment when you're driving towards the line, you kind of, you ignore everyone else around you. You just want to score for your team. 

BS: Great work boys.

PS: Of course in every game, the outcome can be very important but for us, it's just another stepping-stone.  
But in life, we're going to go through difficult times and that's when you want to be close to family.  Luckily for me at the rugby club, I'm surrounded by fifteen family members.

BS: In ten years time, they'll catch up with each other and go, remember that day when Ben Youngs came?

PS: It's a moment that we'll never forget.