• The players and coaches that have made a difference in Ben’s career
  • How they have influenced him and shaped his attitude and approach to the game
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Film transcript

The following is a copy of the transcript taken from the Mentors and Mates film.

Ben Youngs - BY

BY: As I come through the gates at Holt rugby club, where it all started for me, it brings back a huge amount of memories.

There are so many guys who have helped me through my career already.

Mike Bush, my coach here, because he first introduced me to the game and got me into it. I found the love through him for the game.

And Matt O‘Connor, the old Leicester coach, best coach I ever had, and I had a great relationship with him.

Tom Croft is one of those, I lived with him for a few years, he took me under his wing when I first got into the first team, he was another young guy as well. We’ve shared a lot of great memories together both at club and country

During my time at the Academy, Dusty Hare, England legend, He was in charge of the Academy manager

Having seen me play full back and 10, he decided that actually scrum half would be the best position for me. He had a big influence on my career because ultimately he made the decision to move me there, that‘s allowed me to achieve my goals and get to where I want to get to so far.

Those guys are the people who have shape me, as an individual, but also as a player and as a person and I think that’s pretty powerful when someone outside of your family can have that ability to do that to you.