• The third film in our #rugbyfamily series tackles the relationship between father and son
  • With 2 generations of England scrum halves in the family, the Young’s are a fairly unique rugby family
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Film transcript

The following is a copy of the transcript taken from the ‘In his father’s footsteps film.

Ben Youngs - BY

Nick Youngs - NY

BY: So back here in Holt where it all started for me and I’ve got some fantastic memories here.

NY: I remember the festivals we use to have. You remember when there was about a thousand people here and you used to play?

BY: Yeah. Yeah.

NY: You never used to pass it mind you (laughs).

BY: I didn’t tend to pass I just wanted to get the ball and run.

NY: I’d probably say Lennie you haven’t passed today. You run but you don’t tackle. That would be the normal sort of conversation.

BY: Yes, I certainly didn’t want to tackle, not a lot has changed really. Tom wasn’t told that ever. No, he was probably told to stop tackling so much.

BY: Myself and Dad have a great relationship. I think we just have that real understanding of what it is like to play rugby and what that team environment is and how it works. So it is great that I can speak to him about anything and everything in terms of the game.

NY: You know I always used to use that pun ‘Fail to prepare. Prepare to fail’. You know, if you don’t practice you won’t perform. You know he works incredibly hard, they all do, for the skills to play and perform at that level.

BY: Being small I was very quick and agile and able to move. I had to really as playing in the year above anyway it allowed me to work on skills such as avoiding the big guys, footwork and all those bits. I was always destined to be a scrum half. I never intended to play the same position as Dad but we have and now it’s strange to think that whenever I run out in either the Leicester or England he has worn that shirt.

NY: Both my boys have far more talent that I did but Ben has the natural ability and I think we have seen it growing up through his rugby career. He just creates something from nothing. You know he is a joy to watch.

BY: You know when you run out with that 9 on your back knowing that he has done exactly the same and he has experienced the same feeling, that buzz of going out there. It’s now up to me to uphold that shirt and leave it in a better position that when I got it. Yeah it is quite incredible and over powering at times.