• In our fourth film, Grandad’s Influence, Ben takes us back to when his grandad made rugby posts out of irrigation pipes
  • Ben and his brother Tom would spend hours pretending to score tries and winning imaginary World Cups
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Film transcript

The following is a copy of the transcript taken from the Grandad’s Influence film.

Ben Youngs - BY

Nick Youngs - NY

BY: My grandfather, he built me a pair of posts, some old irrigation pipes that have burst. I remember coming down and they were out in the garden.

NY: So, the boys spent hours and hours playing. Always pretending scoring tries for France or something.

BY: I never owned an England shirt when I was growing up. I had a South African shirt, a New Zealand shirt because I loved Christian Cullen, obviously the French shirt.

My mum used to get through a shed load of washing because in the morning I will be a South African player, in the afternoon I will be a New Zealand player and in the evening I will be an Aussie.

Yeah, bless her.

Spent many hours out there against my brother Tom, goal kicking in front of them, which didn’t pay off because I’m not a goal kicker now, but...

BY: (to Nick): Do you remember when I missed every conversion we lost?

NY (to Ben): Oh God, yes

BY: Dad was coach of the school.

I missed every kick (laughs) 

NY: (to Ben): How many tries do you scored? You scored 4 tries didn’t you?

BY: (to Nick) Yeah, I missed every conversion!

NY: We scored 6 tries, and we missed every conversion and still lost the game. I thought he would get one of them.

BY: Couldn’t slot one kick, they weren’t exactly hard, I mean you’re talking probably two that was pretty much in front, maybe one was from the touchline and the rest was completely kickable.

All those practices in the post didn’t pay off on that particular game.

NY: Out of the cup

Both: Couldn’t believe it.