• In our second film, First Steps, we learn about how Ben’s father, first got him and his brother Tom into rugby
  • Both Ben and his brother Tom played at their local club Holt RFC
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Film transcript

The following is a copy of the transcript taken from the First Steps film.

Ben Youngs - BY

Nick Youngs - NY

BY: My first introduction to rugby was through my Dad.

NY: I’ve played here myself when I was about 15/16 years of age. This was my first club so it was a natural process for Ben to come up here and have a go.

BY: My brother, he started here at Holt rugby club. By watching him and seeing him run around my Dad thought it was a good idea that I started early.

NY: You know I was very keen for them to play a team sport knowing what fun I had had playing the game.

BY: Under 7s, Mike Bush my coach he has made it very enjoyable for me and it was such good fun. I just enjoyed being in that environment, the comradery.

NY: I think rugby is just the greatest team sport ever. It’s that connecting that you have when you are out in the thick of it. You draw on the encouragement around you and the players your playing with and that binds you together. I think that that’s the closeness that the game brings you and friends that stay with you your whole life.

BY: I have got such great memories of playing here so Dad definitely got me into the game.