• In this video of our #rugbyfamily series, we take a look into the Youngs’ brother’s relationship both on and off the rugby pitch
  • Ben’s older brother had a huge influence on him and his route into rugby
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Film transcript

The following is a copy of the transcript taken from the Brothers In Arms film.

Ben Youngs - BY

Nick Youngs - NY

BY: The biggest moment when I really thought I could give a crack at this was when my brother joined Leicester.

He joined there when he was 16 and moved up there and moved away from home, and when I saw him doing it and watching him play in academy fixtures. I really thought ‘I want to do that; I want to follow in his footsteps’.

NY: I think for when Ben and Tom both played for Leicester, that to me was fantastic. I was really proud of that day.

BY: (about Tom) Absolutely think of the world of him. He really inspires me by the way he plays. It’s weird, we always have this sort of look before we leave the changing rooms. It’s one that’s almost like “I daren’t don’t let you down today” and he looks at me to look to say “I daren’t let you down”

It’s a nice feeling when you come off the pitch, knowing that you both, he’s done his bit, which is running into brick walls, and tackling and mauling and scrummaging. I’ve done my bit, in terms of getting him in the right areas of the field, passing and trying to create space.

It’s a nice feeling when you look at each other and go ‘Yep, we did our job today”