• You can watch the first short film of our #rugbyfamily series, Homecoming
  • We travel back to Ben's home club, Holt RFC and meet his father Nick
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Film transcript

The following is a copy of the transcript taken from the Homecoming film.

Ben Youngs - BY

Nick Youngs - NY

BY: Now on the road, which does bring back a lot of memories to be honest to you. I remember just sitting in the back seat eating my hot dog after playing my Sunday rugby, that was the reward. Don’t know how many journeys I’ve had to endure along this little country road, taking me to my little local rugby club, where it all obviously started for myself and my brother.

I played alongside a lot of my cousins, we all played mini rugby here. A lot of them continue to play for the senior team, so I come back as often as I can 

NY: Living in North Norfolk as we do, it’s something about living in the countryside.

BY: Holt’s a lovely little town that I’ve spent a lot of time in. It’s the whole area around here in terms of the beach. Growing up here with all my first cousins, all 28 of them, we’re all playing football on there, rugby..

NY: On the beach there would be a rugby pitch marked out, or British Bulldog…wearing them out basically.

It’s where I learnt my trade of rugby, its where I learnt to have the freedom of the countryside.

NY: This club is a community, yes, it draws the boys here.

NY: (to Ben): The few opportunities in the season you have to come home, you always hope that Holt are playing aren’t you, so you can come and catch up with your boys?

BY: Meet some characters! When I walk in the bar, one character called John Ross will always announce ‘Danny Care’s arrived’, just ‘cos he does it.

NY: They have a great affinity with this club and where they’ve come from

BY: Whenever I come back here it’s a great escape from the pressures of rugby and you’re allowed to just enjoy yourself.