• Upcycling is an opportunity to create a one-off piece for your home
  • Doing it yourself can mean big savings while being eco-friendly
  • Use your imagination; you could even turn a piano into a wardrobe!

How to Make Decorative Shelves from Up-Cycled Drawers

Erin from www.diypassion.com takes us through turning some old drawers into beautifully remodelled shelves.

Up-cycling. What does that even mean? Well, for us DIY bloggers it means a fun challenge! But for the regular homeowner, it can mean big savings, and an eco-friendly, one of a kind piece for your home. Win-win, right?

Today, we're sharing with you how we took a couple of cast-off drawers and turned them into unique decorative shelves in our living room.

You can often find drawers at the side of the road on garbage day or from a piece in your home that you no longer have use for. In our case, the drawers we used were part of a buffet we purchased at an estate sale for about $15 (£9.68). Does that mean we can say they cost us about $2.50 (£1.61) each? Yes. Let's say that. Basically, we're saying don't spend money on drawers - you should be able to find them for free or pennies at the most.

Turning drawers into shelves really only requires a bit of planning. In our case, we sanded and painted them up with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to cover some minor imperfections. We kept the hardware and just buffed it up a bit and used some gold acrylic paint to give them a teeny bit of extra shine.

Then we placed them end to end, so the hardware was facing out and the traditional sides of the drawers were parallel to the floor.

In order to secure them together to make one shelf from two drawers, we used a simple wood shim that we'd stained a deeper colour. We used a brad nailer to attach the shim and fuse the drawers together. You wouldn't even really know there's a seam there now!

As an alternative, if your drawers sit flush together, you might want to just drill through each and use a bolt to attach them. Ours didn't sit that nicely so that's why we opted for this method. Both work well.

If you want extra stability, (and we did), add some small mending plates to the bottom of the drawers along the seam just to make the bond that much stronger. Mending plates cost about a quarter each at the hardware store. You can attach them with basic ¼ inch wood screws. This step is definitely not necessary though.

Lastly, use some decorative or industrial brackets and hang up your shelves! And if you're like we are, agonize over where to hang them. Okay, don't agonize, but definitely take your time measuring.

We lined the backs of ours with some hounds tooth wrapping paper using decoupage medium. For just a few cents, the pattern really kicks these up a notch! Alternatively, you could use fabric or just paint a pattern on the drawers if you're artsy like that.

All in, if we had to guess at what this upcycle cost, we'd say less than $10 (£6.45) including the brackets, hardware and decorative paper. Shabby chic, n'est pas?

Thanks so much to LV= for not only sharing our project, but promoting upcycling! It really is a fun pass time.

Good luck and happy hunting!

DIY Passion

If you would like to read about more upcycling projects and get some fun inspirations visit Erin's Blog  www.diypassion.com or her social media channels:

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Prodigal Pieces

Larissa from www.prodigalpieces.com takes us through a fun project that she did recently where she turned an old piano into a wardrobe.

Upcycling is the only way I know. My family of 8 and I enjoy taking finds that were once considered trash and giving them new life, from furniture to pallet wood.

One of our yearly adventures is our spring city clean-up, where the entire city spring cleans and leaves all unwanted at the curb. During one particular junking run (that's what we call it), I found an antique piano that had been beaten into pieces to get it out of the house.

What remained was the gorgeous carved face. I snatched it up knowing I would find something to do with it. During our bedroom remodel I found it to be the perfect size to create a transom in our closet.

With a coat of paint on hand, some glazing, and a little bit of our scrap lumber, we had a unique accent piece to our new remodel without spending a dime. Just because something is set out for rubbish doesn't mean it actually is. Always take time to see past one man's trash and look for the treasure.

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