• LV= went above and beyond to help holidaymakers whose cars were damaged by floods in the South of France 
  • 70mph winds in Dover caused damage to passengers’ parked cars; LV= claims team got to work before they were even off the ferry
  • Family car caught fire in a safari park lion enclosure, LV= put things right and paid for another day out

When it comes to choosing a car insurance provider, you’ll want to know that you can rely on your insurer when things go wrong with your vehicle. At LV=, we love to exceed our customers’ expectations when they call in need of help. Here are some examples of where our customer support and claims teams have gone the extra mile to help holidaying customers. 

Flash flooding in France

In October 2015, violent storms and flash flooding in the French Riviera caused water levels to rise to waist height in a matter of minutes. Gushing water swept parked cars down the street, forcing them to collide with other cars: photos posted on social media showed the devastation caused by these unprecedented storms.

Knowing that the south of France is a popular holiday destination for Brits, members of the LV= Claims teams in Ipswich and Brentwood leapt into action and began to contact customers who they thought may be affected.

Six LV= customers had been caught up in the chaos, their cars significantly damaged by being submerged or swept into other vehicles. One of the unfortunate families even had to be airlifted off the roof of their caravan because it was totally under water.

Happily, our Claims specialists were on hand to arrange courtesy cars, re-book ferry crossings and offer settlement figures for written off vehicles.

Having to make a claim because of an incident can be an upsetting experience – but is made even more difficult when abroad on holiday. We were delighted to be able to help our customers following the terrible weather in France.

Dover storms affect cross channel passengers

In the winter of 2014, strong winds caused more than a rough crossing for some unlucky passengers arriving at Dover.

Many cars that had been left at the cruise terminal had been damaged by the severe seas breaking over the pier due to the high winds, which at times were gusting above 70 miles per hour.

Thankfully, twenty seven of the passengers' cars were insured by LV=, who were the first insurer on the scene to offer help the moment the passengers docked. Claims teams from the Brentwood and Bristol offices went to the dock to meet the passengers, offering the stranded passengers hire cars and were on hand to answer any of their questions first hand.

An LV= helpdesk was set up to meet policy holders as soon as the Braemar docked, where the experienced team did their best to get them back on the road as quickly as possible. For the 13 customers whose cars were written off, LV= had already arranged hire cars to be ready for them so that they could get home safely. 

Trapped in the lion’s den 

It started as a typical family outing on Good Friday to Longleat Safari Park. However the day quickly turned to drama as the family car burst into flames whilst driving through the lion enclosure, and they were forced to evacuate and wait for help, surrounded by lions.

Helen Clements and her two children Charlie (12) and George (9) thought that the car had simply overheated, but it then became clear that the smoke was coming from under the bonnet.

Thankfully the lions kept their distance, rangers were alerted to the fire, the enclosure was evacuated and the lions cleared away. Luckily the car fire was soon contained and none of the passengers or lions were harmed.

Helen and her family are now able to look back on the matter and laugh. Our friendly claims team also gave them a little bonus to pay for another (hopefully more sedate?) family day out. Perhaps next time stick to a nice National Trust stately home, Helen!