• Cars damaged in 70mph winds left cruise passengers stranded
  • Storms creating a 4 hour delay in arrival, caused damage to over 27 vehicles in port
  • All LV= policy holders offered excellent customer service

Last Winter, strong winds caused more than a rough crossing for some unlucky passengers arriving at Dover.

Many cars that had been left at the cruise terminal had been damaged by the severe seas breaking over the pier due to the high winds, which at times were gusting above 70 miles per hour.

Thankfully, twenty seven of the passengers' cars were insured by LV=, who were the first insurer on the scene to offer help the moment the passengers docked. Claims teams from the Brentwood and Bristol offices went to the dock to meet the passengers, offering the stranded passengers hire cars and were on hand to answer any of their questions first hand.

Holidaymakers on the Fred Olsen liner Braemar arrived at the cruise terminal four hours later than expected.

However, LV= claims staff had already contacted all of their affected customers on the ship in advance and warned them that their cars have been damaged, and a team were on hand at the docks to look after the understandably upset customers.

A bespoke LV= helpdesk was set up to meet policy holders as soon as the Braemar docked, where the experienced team did their best to get them back on the road as quickly as possible. For the 13 customers whose cars were written off, LV= had already arranged hire cars to be ready for them so that they could get home. 

In the video, watch how we proactively helped Jan and Bryn when they returned from their cruise.