• Make long journeys fun with in-car games
  • Fortunately/unfortunately is a classic that everyone seems to love
  • Get to know your friends/family better with The Question Game

Long road trips can be heavy going for most people, let alone youngsters, so inject a little fun into your expedition with LV='s guide to in-car fun. We know smartphones and tablets are the go-to device for most people these days, but consider going 'old school' on your next trip or over this weekend with these timeless and entertaining games.

The Grocery Game

A brilliant memory game that gets everyone involved, the Grocery Game starts with one individual naming an item they may find at a grocery store. It has to start with the letter A.

The next participant follows up by repeating the first word – so, apple for example – and then adds another, this time beginning with B, like butter. This then continues for the entire alphabet. If you forget an item, then you're out.

Number Plate Game

It’s as easy as this – everyone chooses a passing car and memorises the last three letters of its number plate. Now make a story using the letters as inspiration. Use the first letter to decide the name of the main character. The second letter can be an item or animal that's in the story. And the third – what the character was doing.

Car Bingo

As with the above game, there are different types of this, including the Banana Game or Car Colours, but the premise is the same – spot your coloured car before everyone else and you win.

The bingo version limits the number of cars – i.e. first to spot ten wins – and has to be done in a defined period of time. This helps to keep it engaging.

The Question Game

A sweet way of getting to know one another even better, the Question Game can be fun, interesting and quirky. You simply pose interesting questions to those taking part and allow them to answer. It's a thinker, so has no time limit.

Here are some questions you can try out:

  • If you won the lottery how would you spend the money?
  • If you were stuck on a deserted island, what three things would you take with you?
  • Who would win in a fight – Superman or Batman?
  • Which famous people would you like to invite to lunch and why?


A story game, Fortunately/Unfortunately is a sort of make believe game that twists the plot of your made up story with the switching of fortunately and unfortunately at the start of a sentence.

For example, one person begins with "Fortunately I found my car keys in my bag." Then, the next person may say something like "Unfortunately, my bag was in a spaceship occupied by hostile aliens."

Add it up

The mere mention of maths may cause some apprehension but add a little competition into the mix and you'll convince even the most unenthusiastic to take part. One person is designated with calling out six numbers.

It is then up to the participants to quickly add those numbers together and then call out the right number. The winner is the quickest to get it right. Be sure to work it out beforehand or else you won't know if it is right or wrong!

Download this guide and keep it in the car so that you are never stuck for ideas for fun family activities that will make future journeys fun!