• LV= had created an exclusive insurance product that lifts some of the restrictions that Blood Bike riders face
  • Over 56,000 transport requests were sent to Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes in 2016
  • NABB has 30 nationwide groups and 2,700 unpaid volunteers

Blood Bike Groups and their riders provide an amazing free service to the NHS. The many groups provide a sustainable transport infrastructure, free of charge, to public hospitals around the country. 

Volunteers are asked to transport emergency medical items, including blood supplies, between hospitals. 

In the past year, according to their web site, NABB riders made 56,134 potentially life-saving trips. 

This vital service often goes unnoticed; even patients who receive the benefit of the super-speedy, traffic-dodging deliveries would likely never know the part that this network plays in their recovery.

Bikesure, the motorbike division of insurance company Adrian Flux, and long-term supporters of various Blood Bikes groups, came to LV= with an idea to offer a cover which removed a lot of restrictions for volunteers. 

As a specialist underwriter it made perfect sense for LV= to get involved and create a product that could be offered to Blood Bike groups around the UK.

Michael Lawrence, our personal lines director, said: “It’s a really worthwhile endeavour and we’re proud to be able to support the network of Blood Bikes by providing an insurance solution with Flux.”

Lastly, if you are a Blood Bike rider, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing such a valuable and much needed service to the NHS.