• You can now wake up to a freshly boiled kettle courtesy of your smartphone
  • State-of-the-art thermostats warm up your home intuitively, saving you cash
  • Today's robot vacuum cleaners are no longer gimmicky – they sweep and clean your floors effectively

Your humble abode is getting smarter. The recent CES in Las Vegas unveiled some amazing working concept ideas for the future home, including a connected plant pot, a powerful security system and voice-controlled ovens. Here are some of the best gadgets you can get your hands on in 2015 for the ultimate in effortless living.

The Wi-Fi kettle

A study carried out at the back end of 2013 revealed that our enthusiasm for tea is waning, not so much because we no longer like the warm beverage, just that in this day and age, we have less time than ever to properly brew the perfect cup.

Well, thanks to the iKettle, dubbed the world's first Wi-Fi kettle, you can rekindle your love affair with tea. The stylish device allows you to boil your kettle from anywhere in your home courtesy of your smartphone.

Some of the features of the time-saving device include a ‘wake-up’ mode – which asks if you would like the kettle put on after it’s woken you up – the option to set different temperature settings and instruct it to boil at certain times of the day (such as when you get in home). You still have to put water in yourself. We're not there quite yet.

Intuitive thermostats

We are all keen to reduce the amount of money we spend on heating and powering our homes – although there is some positive news about energy prices on the horizon – so anything that can save us some money is welcome.

The Google-owned technology company Nest has developed a hi-tech version of the thermostat, which intuitively learns about how homeowners use their heating and automatically sets about making it more efficient and cost-effective.

Highlights include the fact that it requires little, if any input from you and that it can be accessed remotely. It's also helping people create a more 'thoughtful and conscious home'.

Intelligent pet feeders

The UK is a nation of animal lovers. The numbers say it all, with over 13 million (46 per cent) households with pets. It can be hard work though, making sure they are fit and healthy without breaking the bank.

Petnet delivers precise portions of nutritious food that can be automated to dispense your beloved pooch’s dinner at specified times, and offers insight into their eating habits. Petcube has attracted a lot of attention, offering owners, via a laser, the opportunity to play with pets even when they are out.

Robot vacuum cleaners

Last year was a breakout year for the Robot vacuum cleaner, with the latest generation offering all sorts of great innovations including brushes that get into the corner, mop functionality and timers.

Needless to say, Dyson has got in on the action and its 360 Eye Robot is set to establish a new standard of excellence in this segment when it is launched in the spring of 2015. The company claims, for example, it uses 'complex mathematics, probability theory, geometry and trigonometry' to map and navigate around a room.

Bigger and better home entertainment

TVs have come a long way from the big, weighty analogue boxes of old. These days they are thinner, sharper and smarter, capable of connecting you to various devices, delivering personalised viewing and internet connectivity – for streaming movies, for example – all from a truly gorgeous piece of kit.

Music players have also evolved into an altogether different beast, with consumer demand for music in the UK outstripping that of other G7 countries. In turn, this appetite is leading to more of an interest in music technology.

Presently, with smartphones acting as default music players, there is more of an interest in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled speakers, which not only perform well, but look the part too. Here’s a selection of some of the best models currently available.