• Winter might be cold and dark but it's a dynamic season
  • There's lots of hot beverages on offer and good hearty food
  • Warm houses and warm sweaters – comfort galore

As winter arrives, we all like to have a good old moan about it, however in our opinion it is probably one of the best times of the year. Sure, the days are short and there is a high possibility of having to scrape ice off your car first thing in the morning, but we think that there is much to love about this beautiful season.

Not convinced? Let us convince you with some of our favourite reasons of why you should all love the winter.

Winter means Christmas

Fair enough, Christmas is technically only one day of the year, but does it actually only feel like one day? This holiday season is now a two-month celebration that lifts our spirits and gives us an excuse to go to German bars, winter wonderlands and shop until you drop!

Good, hearty food

Winter food to us means good, hearty grub - the kind that leaves you feeling full, happy and content. From piping hot stews to heart-warming soups and sumptuous pies, winter dishes that warm you up is one of the best feelings ever.

Snow, snow, snow

You can't help but love snow. Every year the excitement of snow is promised and every year we all hope for a 'stay at home' day to play. Snow transforms landscapes into fairy tale vistas, let’s you build snowmen and throw snowballs and brings out the five year old in you by flying down hills in a sled.

Home is where the fire is

There is something wonderful about getting home after a long day out in the cold and coming home to your warm, cosy home. It's all the better if you've got a crackling fire on the go which you can curl up in front of it with a hot chocolate and your favourite movie. Perfect.

Hot drink heaven

Those hot mugs of tea and coffee seem to taste even better in the winter, as you hug the hot mug to your body and allow it to warm your hands as well as giving you a warm glow.

Plus, cold days outside gives you a great excuse to indulge in hot chocolates, brandy tea, hot cider and mulled wine.

Staying in

Winter hibernation is not just for animals – so many of us choose to stay in more throughout the winter months and enjoy an abundance of dinner parties, movie nights and general lounging around while the wind and rain thrash against your windows.

Winter DIY

Winter sees us all move inside, which means it is the ideal time to do all those small DIY jobs that have been waiting for you since Summer. Whether it is redecorating the dining room, insulating your loft or simply changing some home accessories, winter is definitely the time to give your home some much needed home improvement.

Winter style

Winter clothing oozes character, is superbly comfy and reassuring. Nothing makes you feel quite so cosy and well-protected against the elements like knitwear, oversized jumpers or a colourful matching hat, glove and scarf set.